Certified HRV-Professional by Autonom Health

Become an HRV expert, help people in a targeted manner

We offer comprehensive training to become a certified HRV-Professional for everyone working in the health sector.
With the implementation of an HRV measurement and the subsequent coaching, you, as a certified HRV-Professional, make a decisive contribution to the health of your customers.

With the certificate training and the use of our additional training offers, you meet the requirements to use the HRV method correctly and efficiently. In addition, as part of the training to become a certified HRV-Professional, we provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge to work with HRV in your professional practice and to be able to answer the questions of your clients and colleagues in a targeted manner.

The training is strongly recommended for doctors, for all other health professions it is a professional requirement.
As a certified HRV-Pprofessional, you can use your knowledge of HRV for use in health and prevention advice.


Training to become an HRV-Professional with ONLINE- seminars in German

  • Module 1, the HRV basic seminar: The 2-day introductory seminar for everyone who is interested in HRV, who wants to work with it or who want to measure themselves and learn all the essential basics of HRV.
  • Module 2 – E-learning for self-study: Detailed information on all the basics and backgrounds of HRV as well as on the individual software channels on demand. In addition, you can find out everything there is to know about sleep, exercise and stress.
  • Module 3 – the HRV coaching seminar: In this intensive training, the focus is on conveying the message of the LifeFire through a target-oriented conversation. How can the process of an HRV consultation be made understandable, feasible and meaningful? Talent and rhythm-oriented coaching in theory and practice as the basis for a successful intervention.
  • Module 4, the transfer into practice: The gateway to becoming a certified HRV-Professional – the qualification for the test in two parts: In part 1, logs of 10 sample measurements are to be made. As part 2, at least 10 replies to posts in the Autonom Health Community are to be written.
  • Examination to become a certified HRV-Professional


Training to become an HRV-Professional with ONLINE videos in English

  • Module 1: 10 videos in a total of 90 minutes introduce you to the most important basics of HRV, samples and first sample measurements.
  • Module 2: 30 videos in just under 4 hours illuminate all the essential backgrounds of HRV. The five software tracks are explained in detail and you get to know the principles of HRV pattern recognition. Everything about sleep, exercise and stress is explained in detail.
  • Module 3: In 60 short videos with a total running time of 9 hours, not only the last “secrets” of HRV are revealed, these are based on 28 sample measurements from the categories “High Performance HRV”, “Good Life”, “Stress”, “Unhealthy” Lifestyle ”and “Pathologies” explained in detail. There is also extensive material on the subject of “burnout”. The interactive part offers a special highlight: Everything that is still needed for successful coaching – including type analysis with the HRV – is dealt with in the interactive coaching via zoom.
  • Module 4 – the transfer into practice: The gateway to becoming a certified HRV professional – the qualification for the examination: Protocols of 10 sample measurements based on a defined process must be prepared.
  • Online exam to become a certified HRV-Professional

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