To use the method of HeartRateVariability for health education.

We want to make access to health simple and affordable.

Together with our partners, we want to support people throughout the HRV measurement and encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle. We establish the HeartRateVariability as an objective measurement tool to identify individual resources and risks. Thereof, we derive individual recommendations and intervention possibilities.

We want to educate people in health.


Executive Board / Shareholders 
Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger
Mag. Andrea Lohninger
Dkfm. Ing. Hans Zavesky
Andreas Klejna, BSc.
Mag. Patricia-Maria Böhm
Elke Vonderlind
Karl-Michael Molzer
Dr. Marion Soceanu
Laura Stöger, MA
Laura Sophie Dominik
Michaela Fritsch
Dr. med. Andreas Weyenberg
Erich Schwarz
Hannelore Willmroth

♥ We are premium providers of HeartRateVariability

 We are the nucleus of developments in the field of heart rate variability and developers of the graphic presentation of the “Lebensfeuer” and we work enthusiastically on improving the quality of life, health and performance.

Knowledge & Experience

Due to over 19 years of working in HRV, Autonom Health possesses the largest specific HRV-reference databank including over 50,000 artefact-free long-term measurements. They use it as a basis for scientific papers and it enables representative age and gender comparisons.

Founded in 2005, Autonom Health GesundheitsbildungsGmbH is based in Vienna and is the leading provider of health- and prevention-diagnostics. As a pioneer of imaging health diagnostics, we develop and distribute target-group-specific software-based solutions. These offer intelligent analysis, evaluation and optimisation of health as well as of the mental-physical capability. The medical basis is the scientifically secured health indicator of the heart rate variability (HRV). This guarantees a doubt-free, unambiguous diagnosis. This ground-breaking process to depict health in laymen’s terms, graphic way was developed by Autonom Health based on HRV. For the first time, our Autonom Health solutions facilitate a simple and efficient health-, performance- and regeneration-monitoring within the professional/private, medical, clinical, rehabilitative and athletic sector. In a unique way, the analysis of a 24h HRV measurement documents the objective status of the ability to process stress, regenerate, the quality of sleep and other health criteria.

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