Becoming an HRV professional

Whether you want to better understand your own measurements or coach your clients in a knowledgeable and well-founded manner: Autonom Health’s comprehensive training to become a certified HRV professional is for anyone who wants to take their understanding of HRV to the next level.

We offer the training course both in German and in English. These are structured differently, but impart the same knowledge and conclude with the same certification.

The training series prepare you in the best possible way to work with customers and impart knowledge in the form of online seminars and learning videos.
With the english course, you can determine the scope and speed of your learning, as it consists entirely of learning videos and knowledge checks. Thus, future coaches, as well as people who simply want to expand their knowledge of HRV, are particularly welcome in this training course.

In addition, the “Certificate Training for HRV Professional by Autonomous Health” is recognized by the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen (BÖP) as a further education and training event in accordance with § 33 of the Psychologists Act 2013 with 34 units.

HRV certificate course
in German

Learning goal

You will learn how to deal with HRV measurements and their analysis in a technically sound manner. You can make use of the information gained and derive individual recommendations for the client. You recognize critical situations and know when to refer your clients to a specialist. After completing the course, you will be qualified to use HRV together with your clients and benefit from the increasing demand for company and private health promotion.


Prerequisites for the HRV training series are completed vocational training and professional experience in the fields of health, counselling or coaching.

For doctors, further training is recommended, for all other health professions it is a professional requirement.
As a certified HRV professional, you will use your knowledge of HRV in the fields of health and prevention counselling.

The training to become an HRV professional offers a theoretical and an application-oriented part.
AND: You can already work with the Autonom Health technology during your training!


The german course includes two on-site seminars of 2.5 days each.
The online seminar includes 2x 2 days each + a Zoom checkup.
The self-study section offers 34 videos with a total of 275 minutes of video material.
In addition, 10 protocols must be edited and 10 community contributions must be written/answered before the first exam is taken.


Imparting basic knowledge about heart rate variability

The introductory seminar for all those who are interested in HRV, work with it or want to measure themselves and learn all the essential basics of HRV. The seminar offers first-hand experience with heart rate variability. As a highlight, self-measurements of seminar participants will be discussed in detail. The numerous aspects recognizable in HRV and the “mechanisms in the background” are made transparent: How are physiological processes reflected in the figures, data and facts? How do different physical and mental demands, regeneration, sleep and much more show up in the life fire spectrogram?

Objective: After completing this module, you will be able to perform, analyze and evaluate your first HRV measurements in your own environment. You know about the most important technical terms of HRV and their significance for health.

  • The philosophy of health education
  • Chronobiology, rhythm, resonance – the scientific background
  • Heart rate variability – what is it?
  • The history of HRV
  • Mathematical and medical foundations of HRV
  • The transformation of HRV data into the life fire spectrogram
  • The human being as a phenomenon of time and frequency
  • Introduction to the web-based analysis portal
  • How physiological processes in HRV become visible
  • Visual training – recognizing the most important syndromes in HRV
  • Striking example images
  • First self-measurement and training in the use of the technology
  • Latest results of our own and international research

Module 1 is recognized by the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen (BÖP) as a continuing education and training event in accordance with § 33 of the Psychologists Act 2013 with 15 units.

Streamable knowledge

The most important topics about HRV as streamable educational films Repeat and deepen your knowledge of the life fire and HRV with our videos on the Internet. Compact information can be retrieved at any time. When, as often and wherever you want.

Objective: You are well versed in all terms of HRV and can interpret the life fire spectrogram. You know the individual frequency ranges and how to evaluate them accordingly. You know the most important numerical values and parameters of HRV and can assign their pattern constellations to physical states such as bodily performance, tiredness, exhaustion, etc. You can answer questions about stress and stress symptoms and know the 12 stages of burnout. You know how and when sleep is restful and how this is reflected in HRV and in the life fire.

  • Basics on HRV
  • The human being as a phenomenon of time and frequency
  • The spectrogram and its story of origin
  • The 3 frequency ranges – time and frequency calculations in HRV
  • Talent and personality diagnostics in HRV
  • The world of the life fire – exemplary example pictures with detailed explanations
  • Stress – Causes and Consequences
  • Differentiation of acute and chronic stress, chronic fatigue, exhaustion and burnout in HRV
  • Burnout and its stages
  • Regeneration and sleep
  • Sports and HRV
  • Background, diagnostics, image training, interventions
  • Exemplary sample images with detailed explanations

Module 2 is recognized by the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen (BÖP) as a further education and training event according to § 33 of the Psychologists Act 2013 with 4 units.

The message of the picture

HRV in theory and practice!
In this training course, the focus lies on conveying the message of the individuals life fire through a goal-oriented conversation. How can the process of an HRV consultation be made understandable, feasible and significant? Talent- and rhythm-oriented coaching in theory and practice as the basis for a successful intervention. With the specialist knowledge acquired from the previous modules, practical work continues. You will receive an introduction to the structure of an HRV consultation and learn how to prepare for it. As part of the seminar, you will take part in your first coaching conversation based on the measurement of a seminar participant and conduct it in front of the other participants.

Goal: You know how to prepare for an HRV consultation, recognize personalities and nutritional types from the measurement and can use this knowledge for a successful coaching. You can filter and transmit the essentials expressions from the measurement and translate them into concrete objectives.

  • Coaching: Theory and Background
  • Salutogenesis and psychosocial health
  • The SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of an HRV measurement as a “distillate” of all information
  • The mediation: the HRV consultation based on the C.O.A.C.H. guideline
  • The message of the life fire image: procedure of a consultation
  • The teaching of lifestyle-changing content (health coaching / potential coaching)
  • Meaning (Logotherapy and Existential Analysis) / Comprehensibility (Constructivism) / Feasibility (Autonomy Training)
  • Image training based on physiological laws as the basis of every expertise
  • Interventions based on the 3 frequency ranges
  • Discussion of concrete example measurements from practice

Module 3 is recognized by the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen (BÖP) as a further education and training event in accordance with § 33 of the Psychologists Act 2013 with 15 units.

Documented cases from our own practice

The gateway to the certified HRV professional – the qualification for the exam in two parts:

A. Protocols: In this part, protocols of 10 sample measurements are to be made on the basis of a defined procedure.
For the measurements required for this, each participant will receive voucher codes for the uploads of the required measurements credited to his account. The quality and scope of the protocols are included in the evaluation of the final test.

B. Community Posts: In addition, 10 responses to posts in the Autonom Health Community must be written. One of these contributions will be included in the oral examination.

Goal: Prepare for the exam, gain practical experience, get to know each other and participate in the Autonom Health Community

Submission deadline: The protocols must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the examination date. The community contributions must be completed at least 1 week before the exam date.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 4 HRV training modules

Within the framework of a theoretical part, the analysis of a given exam measurement and an exam interview based on it, knowledge and coaching competence are tested. Upon successful completion, you will receive the certificate “Certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health”.

  1. Theory part: Single-choice test with questions from the topics of the Autonom Health training modules and the HRV textbook.
  2. Exam measurement: A given measurement is prepared for the oral exam on the basis of the SWOT analysis for statements, results and message.
  3. Oral part of the exam: Presentation and discussion of the prepared exam measurement as well as justification of a self-posted contribution in the Autonom Health Community.

Goal: Certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health

HRV certificate training
in English

Learning goal

You will gradually learn all the essential aspects of vegetative functional diagnostics. Starting from the basics of biosignal processing and the transformation of the raw data into the various software analysis systems, up to the concrete application to the client in all areas of modern lifestyle and stress medicine. You recognize all the essential intervention and optimization potentials of your clients and know how to react to different analysis constellations


The prerequisite for the first two online modules is an interest in one’s own health.
For the advanced modules, including the final examination, a completed vocational training and professional experience in the fields of health, counselling or coaching are required.

The course offers a theoretical and an application-oriented part.
AND: You can already work with the Autonom Health technology during your training!


Module 1: In a total of 90 minutes, 10 videos provide an introduction, the most important basics of HRV, patterns and first sample measurements.
Module 2: 30 videos in just under 4 hours shed light on all the essential backgrounds of HRV. The five software parts will be explained in detail and you will learn the principles of HRV pattern recognition. Everything about sleep, sports and stress is explained in detail.
Module 3: In 60 short videos with a total running time of 9 hours, not only the last “secrets” of HRV are revealed, they are explained in detail using 28 sample measurements from the categories “High Performance HRV, Good Life, Stress, Unhealthy Lifestyle” and “Pathologies”. Furthermore, there is comprehensive material on the subject of “burnout”.
The interactive part offers a special highlight: Everything that is still needed for successful coaching – including type analysis with HRV – is dealt with in the interactive coaching sessions via Zoom.
Module 4 – the practical transfer: The gateway to the certified HRV professional – the qualification for the examination: Protocols of 10 sample measurements based on a defined procedure must be prepared.
Online exam to become a certified HRV professional


HRV Basic Training

  1. What is health
  2. What is HRV
  3. From ECG to HRV
  4. Difference between pulse and heartrate
  5. Derivation of the pulse curve
  6. The LifeFire
  7. Basic pattern
  8. Sleep
  9. Physical activity
  10. Selected measurements

HRV Advanced Training

Chapter 1: Principles

  1. Chronobiology
  2. Heartrate- and tachogram-display
  3. Sampling rate and filtering
  4. The emergence of the spectrogram
  5. The spectrogram in its details

Chapter 2: Advanced software for HRV-analysis

  1. The upgrading of “My Autonom Health measurements”
  2. Analysis overview
  3. Vital Analysis
  4. Med Analysis

Chapter 3: Advanced pattern recognition in HRV diagnostics

  1. The “ingredients” of correct HRV-diagnostics
  2. Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
  3. The difference between regeneration and fatigue
  4. Exhaustion in detail
  5. Flow in detail

Chapter 4: Sleep

  1. Basic Rest Activity Cycle (BRAC)
  2. Sleep stages in HRV
  3. Regeneration is relaxation & recreation
  4. Breathing in sleep and the relation of pulse-frequency to breathing-frequency
  5. Snoring and apnea
  6. Day performance causes sleep quality – sleep quality causes day performance

Chapter 5: Physical activities and sports

  1. How to log different forms os activation
  2. HRV and performance
  3. Training parameters
  4. Neurophysiological stress (NPS)
  5. Dynamic C

Chapter 6: Causes and consequences of stress

  1. Stress definition and differentiation
  2. Stress and society
  3. Stress and our brain
  4. Stress and HRV
  5. Stress – constitution, impulses and stimulus processing

Chapter 7: The Autonom Health Community

HRV Professional Training

Chapter 1: Principles

  1. Time domain parameter in HRV
  2. Histogram
  3. Scatterplot
  4. Very low frequency
  5. Low frequency
  6. High frequency
  7. Ultra low frequency
  8. Total frequency
  9. Artifacts
  10. Cardiac arrhythmia

Chapter 2: Special pattern recognition in HRV

  1. Strain
  2. Good ability to concentrate and mental focusing
  3. Meditation
  4. Nutritional behavior
  5. Overview of patterns for correct HRV analysis

Chapter 3: Special Software for HRV-analysis

  1. Resume
  2. HRVscan
  3. Additionals
  4. Science software
  5. HRV-glossary & Portal-guide

Chapter 4: Various examples of measurements from the HRV training folder

  1. High performance HRV
  2. Good life
  3. Stress
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle
  5. Pathology

Chapter 5: Burnout

  1. What is burnout
  2. Etiological factors and consequences
  3. Phases and stages
  4. Analyzing burnout with HRV
  5. Extreme vagus overactivation as a special form of burnout
  6. How to diagnose burnout

Chapter 6: HRV Coaching

  1. What is, how to measure and how to create health
  2. How to transform HRV-data into coaching
  3. How to transform LifeFire-graphics into coaching
  4. HRV typology for coaching
  5. SWOT-analysis to identify the message of an HRV analysis
  6. The C-O-A-O-C-H process

Interactive Part

Chapter 7: Interactive learning in groups

  1. Interactive coaching course
  2. Discussion of cases

Chapter 8: Interactive coachings one on one

  1. Interactive coaching of participants


Documentation of 10 measurements in Autonom Health coaching reports


Written questionnaire and discussion of one selected measurement

Participation fees

Since the teaching content of the German and English course is taught differently, the scope and thus also the price of the individual modules differs. The total cost of education is the same for both languages.

German course

Module 1

HRV Basic Seminar
€ 640,-

Module 2

€ 640,-

Module 3

HRV Coaching Seminar
€ 640,-

Module 4

Practice transfer
€ 640,-


HRV Professional exam
€ 300,-

Complete course

with partial payment € 2.860,-
with prepayment of the entire course € 2,660

English course

Module 1

HRV Basic Training
€ 290,-

Module 2

HRV Advanced Training
€ 640,-

Module 3

HRV Professional Training
€ 990,-

Module 4 + Exam

Practice + Online Test
€ 940,-

Complete course

with partial payment € 2.860,-
with prepayment of the entire course € 2,660

Accreditation for psychologists

The “Certificate Training as HRV-Professional by Autonom Health” in German is recognized by the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen (BÖP) as a further education and training event in accordance with § 33 of the Psychologists Act 2013 with 34 units.

Seminar locations & times

Online meeting

Seminar online via
the program “Zoom”

Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

+ 2-hour “Questions & Answers” Zoom meeting
for questions about the application of HRV in practice
(Appointments to be made within the respective training group)

Bonn, Germany

Practice for Prevention
Hermannstraße 38-40
53225 Bonn

Friday 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Our lecturers

Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger

HRV expert, founder and developer of the Lebensfeuer representation, author

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, general practitioner and TCM,
Scientific & Medical Director of Autonom Health GmbH

Dr. med. Andreas Weyenberg

Certified HRV Professional and Certified HRV Lecturer

Specialist in general medicine, private practice for preventive medicine, stress and burnout medicine, therapies on a natural basis, BGM lecturer for various companies

Erich Schwarz

Certified HRV Professional and Certified HRV Lecturer

Burnout Prevention Trainer, Mental Trainer, LifeKinetics Trainer, BGM Specialist, Commercial Masseur

Seppi Neuhauser

Certified HRV Professional and Certified HRV Lecturer

Successful coach in elite sports and former high-performance athlete

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