HRV hardware: They all measure the same thing, don’t they?

What exactly does a smartwatch measure? How does a smartwatch measure? Can I carry out long-term HRV measurements with a smartwatch? Why long-term measurements? “Because you can understand relationships much better with a long-term measurement!” That was the spontaneous reaction of our employee Lorenz Pühringer to this question. And he immediately provided some self-evident examples: When is the smartwatch useful, when is the 24-hour HRV measurement useful? HRV by Autonom Health

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Spectrogram analysis: Very good vitality

The pattern recognition of an HRV measurement is shown below using the example of “very good vitality”: Personnel Administrator – 32 years HRV spectrogram Very powerful image over the entire measurement period. Very powerful blue base at the beginning of the morning and after a restful night. After lunch, the vitality drops a little. Good variety between active and passive activities. VLF range The physical reserves appear to be very well filled. LF range The willingness to perform decreases slightly after the lunch break and is almost completely reduced during sport. HF range Is very well filled except for the sports phase. Sleep Very restful and relaxing. There is a good RSA, which lasts the whole night. Pulse reduction during

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