Products for Corporations

A trained employee, who will be responsible for all things HRV, will manage the recorders and support the employees in their first measurements. The employees will upload their measurements to the portal themselves. Personal results are only accessible via private email address and password.
Data protection is ensured.

  • Do-it-yourself measurements
  • Guaranteed anonymity
  • Consultation and coaching by HRV Professionals
  • Annual reports on 10 health and lifestyle criteria
  • Health Index – the new ratio in BGM
  • Optimal tool to plan prevention

Corporate Health PREMIUM

Voluntary, anonymous 24h self-measurement of staff from the company

  • Comprehensive immediate analysis
  • LifeFire® Grafik, Pulskurve
  • 5 Health factors: state of health, biological age, performance potential, stress processing, burnout resistance
  • 5 Lifestyle factors + detailed results: sleep, regeneration, mental performance, physical performance, dietary behaviour
  • 5-Minute-exact view of energy levels
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Recommendations on specific micro-nutrient substitutions
  • Progress graphs
  • PDF datasheet of results
  • Anonymised, aggregated results as objective index on staff health

Corporate Health COMPLETE

The complete total care package for your staff and a healthy business.

Based on the data basis of Corporate Health Premium measurements, special algorithms calculate 70 further health and vitality criteria. Based on this, a HRV Professional (doctor, psychologist, coach) works out an individual plan together with the employee in order to improve and maintain their health and performance ability. The success of the plan can be confirmed with subsequent Corporate Health Premium measurements.

Corporate Health SCAN

HRV short-term measurements of 5 to 30 minutes. Only 10 HRV recorders can screen the state of health of up to 500 employees in just one day.

  • 5 to 30 minute short analysis for a quick orientation
  • Immediate analysis with detailed graphics and insightful statistics
  • LifeFire® graph and pulse curve
  • Presentation of results as tachogram and traffic light system
  • Stress Index – how high is my stress resistance?
  • Regeneration Index – is my energy at full capacity?
  • Performance Index – how strong is my ability to perform?
  • Health Index – how stable is my health?

Important note: All corporations or persons, who want to offer the aforementioned products to third parties, have to be certified HRV Professionals or medical doctors!

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