Products for Athletes

“My Autonom Sports” was developed to utilise all the possibilities that HRV can offer to (top) athletes.

  • LifeFire graphic and pulse curve
  • Comprehensive immediate analysis, detailed graphics and insightful statistics
  • Graphic/numeric cardiac output and HRV training data in detail
  • Neuro-Physiological Stress (NPB value) analyses the economy of individual training forms and methods
  • Stress-Recovery-Parameter (STEP value) calculates the processing of stressors in training and daily life
  • Training-Readiness objectifies the level of actual resilience
  • Dynamic C captures the quality of regeneration immediately after stress
  • Continuous stress test enables the exact establishment/adaptation in daily training (in your own type of sport, replaces lactate test and spiroergometry test)

Single Measurement

EUR 33,90

You’d like to try heart rate variability before deciding on a subscription? This package includes all evaluations of the sport analyses of one measurement.
To perform the measurement you will need your own recorder or chest strap.

Sports Flatrate

from EUR 16,90 / month

The sports program for your training. All HRV and cardiac output data, progress graphs, training readiness, stress-recovery-parameter, neurophysiological stress and continuous stress test for training, performance and regeneration management. You can perform as many measurements as you like.
To perform the measurement you will need your own recorder or chest strap.


EUR 329,-

With our affordable starter set you will receive our high-quality HRV recorder with the additional bonus of 2 months Autonom Health Premium + Sports flat rate including all detail analyses!
Additional bonus: plus two vouchers for single measurements worth EUR 73.80 to give away to a partner/friends/relatives/colleagues…

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