Products for Me & my Health

The 360o orientation to health.
Simple and always available.

  • LifeFire graphic with pulse curve
  • The 5 essential health factors: state of health, biological age, performance potential, stress processing, burnout resistance
  • The 5 crucial lifestyle factors: Sleep, Regeneration, Physical Performance, Mental Performance, Dietary Habits
  • Performance level: read your energy levels in 5-minute intervals
  • Insightful progress charts
  • Numerous explanatory videos
  • Clear PDF data sheet of results
  • Recommendations for lifestyle optimization


EUR 329,-

With our affordable starter set you will receive our high-quality HRV recorder with the additional bonus of 2 months Autonom Health Premium + Sports flat rate including all detail analyses!
Additional bonus: plus two vouchers for single measurements worth EUR 73.80 to give away to a partner/friends/relatives/colleagues…

Single Measurement

EUR 36,90

You’d like to try heart rate variability before deciding on a subscription? This package includes all evaluations of the premium analyses of one measurement.
To perform the measurement you will need your own recorder or chest strap.

Premium Flatrate

from EUR 19,90 / month

The analyses of the premium flat rate include the analyses of the Basic flat rate plus 21 additional detailed information and the 5-minute-exact performance analysis of the measurement. You can perform as many self-measurements as you like.
Automatic renewal, cancellable monthly.
To perform the measurement you will need your own recorder or chest strap.

Supported operating systems: Windows 8+ and Mac OS X

We recommend a measurement duration between 20 and 28 hours

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