Products for Health Professionals

We offer different software analyses for evaluating short- and long-term measurements. After uploading your measurement, you can decide which analysis suits the situation best.

This is what all our HRV analyses have in common::
  • Comprehensive and immediate analysis
  • LifeFire® (Lebensfeuer®) graphic
  • Pulse curve
  • Insightful statistics
  • Detailed graphics
  • PDF datasheet of results


The HRVvital analysis of a 24h HRV measurement offers answers to your clients’ important health questions.

    • 50 cardiac output and HRV data on general, physical and mental vitality, regeneration and sleep
    • All data in comparison to age group
    • Detailed analysis of every activity using Click&See
    • 5-minute-exact view of energy levels
    • Further explanations and personalised recommendations
    • Recommendations on specific micro-nutrient substitutions
    • Progress graphs
    • Internal links to more than 75 cross references in the HRV glossary


HRVmed offers you the possibility to really go into the details of a HRV measurement and to explore the data down to every single heartbeat.

      • Respiratory-, heart-frequency, pulse-respiratory-quotient and tachogram with zoom functionality
      • All data in %-comparison to age and gender peers including graphic standard distribution
      • Any HRV data anytime with Click&See
      • Comprehensive analyses of every activity with Click&See
      • Display of goal areas with mouse-over function
      • Internal links to more than 75 cross references in the HRV glossary


HRVsport was developed to utilise all the possibilities that HRV can offer to (top) athletes.

      • Graphic and numeric cardiac output and HRV trainings data in detail
      • Neurophysiological stress (NPB value) analyses the economy of individual training forms and methods
      • Stress-recovery-parameter (STEP value) calculates the processing of stressors in training and daily life
      • Training readiness objectifies the level of actual resilience
      • Dynamic C captures the quality of regeneration immediately after stress
      • Continuous stress test enables the exact establishment/adaptation in daily training (in your own type of sport, replaces lactate test and spiroergometry test)


HRVscan is an analysis of a short-term measurement and offers a good first impression on health, vitality and performance & regeneration power.

      • 5 – 30 minute short-term analysis as a quick orientation
      • Result presentation in tachogram and traffic light system
      • Stress index – how high is my stress resistance?
      • Regeneration index – is my energy at full capacity?
      • Performance index – how strong is my ability to perform?
      • Health index – how stable is my health?


Our specialised software for science and research

      • Unlimited choice of measurements
      • Possibility to download 20 cardiac output and HRV data
      • Download of unfiltered and filtered, chronological and non-chronological raw data
      • Download of 5-minute values and values associated with activities
      • Analysis of respiratory frequency from accelerometry data
      • Live depiction of heart rate and respiratory progress
      • Synchronisation of these data with video recording

HRVscience = additional product to evaluate live measurements and download all data

HRVvital / med / sport are only available as triple analysis.

All products for health professions can be ordered directly in the analysis portal.

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