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Book a 45min coaching session via video conference with a certified HRV professional!

Please note that you need a completed 24-hour HRV measurement that can be discussed in the coaching. With your booking, you allow the HRV professional to have access to your measurements.

If you have a special topic that is important to you, such as sleep, sport, burnout prevention, etc., please let us know in order to find the best HRV professional for you and your concerns.

The booked appointment can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance.
We point out that if choosing Sofort Pay rather than credit card payment, it can take a few days for the payment to be completed. Therefore, we recommend using a credit card.

Matthias Augustin

HRV Professional and Master der Cognitive Neuro Science Matthias Augustin consults individuals, executives, teams and companies.

Focus topics:

  • HRV measurements and coaching
  • Stress and burnout prevention
  • Building resilience and mental fitness
  • Seminars on sleep and regeneration
  • Management training
  • Corporate health management

Website: www.matthias-augustin.com
Coachinglanguages: German, English

BSc. phys. Silke Becker

Her “medical” résumé began in 1990. Since then, she has worked as a physiotherapist with health, illness, therapy, prevention, rehabilitation and everything in between:

  • How is the client actually doing? Independent of the blood count and CT findings.
  • As a therapist, have I chosen the right therapy for this client?
  • How does everyday work affect me?
  • Am I really excited about my work?
  • Did the tips that I pass on with a clear conscience really help?

Questions about questions that she has been able to answer 100% for 8 years – heart rate variability! “I wasn’t looking for it, it found me. Was für eine Bereicherung für mein Leben!
I look forward to accompanying you through the fire of life! Let’s read it, analyze it, develop ideas, implement goals. ”

Website: www.wienerbalance.at
Coachinglanguages: German

Mag. Patricia-Maria Böhm

Patricia is a clinical psychologist and health psychologist, certified psychological online consultant and HRV professional from Vienna. Patricia has been with Autonom Health since 2015, has played a leading role in developing the Autonom Health Community and looks after it every day. She optimally uses her many years of experience in coaching and supporting scientific work. Their goal is to help with life changes and lifestyle issues.

Focus topics:

  • Mental hygiene
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Change of habits
  • Psychological aspects of health behavior
  • Implementation of health-promoting behavior
  • Coping with stress using relaxation techniques

Website: www.autonomhealth.com
Coaching languages: German

Peter W. Carlsen

Peter Carlsen is a clinical psychologist and studied psychology at the Stress Clinic at Aalborg University. His specialization revolves around the topics of stress, work and occupational psychological issues. The “body-mind” connection and seeing and understanding the big picture are particularly important to him.

In addition, Peter Carlsen is a Precision Nutrition® Level 1 Nutritionist, an occupation that enables him to address lifestyle issues in an informed manner, and as a Heartmath clinician, he has a deep understanding of “everyday” psychological challenges faced by healthy people.

Peter works as a management consultantin strategic health management.

Webiste: community.autonomhealth.com
Coachinglanguages: Danish, Norwegian, English

Debora Di Maio

Debora Di Maio is cert. coach & trainer und specialist talent & development and shares the vision of New Work: A more humane world of work, in which we do not play a role but act as a whole person, and work is something “delicious” (Frithjof Bergmann). She would like to contribute to this. She lives what she passes on and gets involved as a whole person: competent, empathic, playful, with open mind and warm heart. She is also Managing Partner New Work Leadership.

Focus topics:

  • Leadership
  • Resource / stress management
  • Mindset, emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness
  • Sleep and many more

Website: new-work-leadership.com
Coachinglanguages: German, English, French, Italian

Mag. Antony Kurz

As a HRV professional, consultant, coach and sparring partner with international management experience,I mainly support executives and organizations with mental and systemic methods in change processes with the aim of being able to use their potential effectively .
Focus topics:
  • Support, planning and moderation of change processes
  • Optimization of potential development & performance
  • Development of effective strategies, structures & processes
  • Sparring to leadership
  • Sense & value based vision development & positioning
  • Prevention convcerning stress & burnout
  • Corporate health management
Website: www.antonykurz.com
Coachinglanguages: German, English


Mag. Andrea Lohninger

Andrea studied sports and English. After several years of experience in adult education, she switched to the health sector, founded the company “brainsisters” and was successful here for several years as a therapist for “learning, brain and stress management”.
She has been working intensively with HRV since 2006. Andrea is co-owner and COO of Autonom Health GesundheitsbildungsGmbH, which she and her husband Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger has built. She is significantly involved in the development of the HRV analysis software, is in charge of all projects in the Corporate Health area and is primarily responsible for the HRV training program.

Focus topics:

  • Sleep and regeneration
  • Brain- and Stressmanagement
  • Burnout

Website: www.autonomhealth.com
Coachinglanguages: German, English


Seppi Neuhauser

zertifizierter HRV-Professional und zertifizierter HRV-Dozent

Seppi Neuhauer is HRV Professional, former top athlete and state-certified trainer and has been married since 1992 and has two children, and lives in the most beautiful cul-de-sac in the world in Kleinwalsertal. is focus is on sports. He completed the Austrian state trainer training with a focus on endurance and has been a certified HRV professional since 2011. He has been involved in endurance sports for over 30 years and coaches athletes in various sports. His great passion is exercise in nature.

Focus topics:

  • Endurance sports
  • Sports training
  • Long-term experience in training of top athletes
  • Trainings- und Regeneration control

Website: community.autonomhealth.com
Coachinglanguages: German

Erich Schwarz

zertifizierter HRV-Professional und zertifizierter HRV-Dozent

Erich Schwarz is HRV Module 3 Lecturer, Burnout prophylaxis trainer und cert. HRV-professional. In 2008 he came into contact with the HRV for the first time. Since then he has been measuring himself and others regularly. He uses the HRV in workplace health promotion, with athletes and “everyday heroes” who take responsibility for themselves and their health into their own hands.

Focus topics

  • Burnout prophylaxis
  • Stress
  • Mental training
  • Lifekinetics

Website: www.powerscout.cc
Coachinglanguages: German

Dr. med. Andreas Weyenberg

zertifizierter HRV-Professional und zertifizierter HRV-Dozent

Dr. med. Andreas Weyenberg ist a specialist in general medicine, preventive medicine and stress and burnout medicine. In addition, he is an HRV professional and HRV lecturer module 1.

Special procedures:

  • HRV long and short term measurements
  • Neurostress diagnostics
  • Micronutrient diagnostics
  • Hormonal diagnostics
  • Therapies on a natural basis

Website: www.praevention-bonn.de



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