Monthly subscription

49,00  inkl. MwSt

Discover health

Content: The monthly flat rate includes all evaluations of the My Autonom Health & Sports software

  • Analysis of the 10 decisive health and lifestyle factors
  • 5-minute performance analysis during measurement
  • all features of the Sports Software for training, performance and regeneration control.
  • You can take as many measurements as you like within 30 days.

Compatible hardware is required to use this product! (HRV chest belt system, HRV recorder, Polar H10, Polar H7, Suunto Smart Belt, Cardiosport TP3, 4iiii Viiiiva, BlueLeza HRM Blue). This subscription is NOT automatically renewed.

Please note: The monthly flat rate can only be used for private accounts!

After completing the payment, a voucher code/license key will be sent to you by e-mail. In the analysis portal at
this can be activated after logging in under “My account” – “My purchases” – “Redeem voucher“.


When making your purchase, please note that, unlike credit card payments, it may take a few days for payment to be completed using the Sofort Pay payment method. We therefore recommend payment by credit card.


Discover your health

You already have compatible hardware – be it a Bluetooth-enabled chest strap or HRV recorder – and want to take care of your health and have an impact on it.

The “My Autonom Health & Sports” monthly flat rate allows you to take as many long-term HRV measurements as you like over the course of a month and thus objectively record your own state of health and observe how your physical and mental state, health, lifestyle and performance improve.


  • not included. You still need compatible software


  • Use the My Autonom Health app & portal for 30 days


  • So many measurements for yourself – for a month

How does the My Autonom Health software work?

Password: Myhealth


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