Module 2 – E-learning for self-study (GERMAN Training)

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Knowledge to download

The most important topics on HRV as educational films online for streaming. Repeat and deepen your knowledge about the Lebensfeuer and the HRV with our videos online. Compact information available at any time. Whenever, as often and wherever you want.

Goal: You are competent in all HRV terms and can interpret the Lebensfeuer spectrogram. You know the individual frequency ranges and know how to evaluate them accordingly. You know the most important numerical values and parameters of HRV and can assign their pattern constellations to states such as performance, tiredness, exhaustion, etc. You can answer questions about stress and stress symptoms and know the 12 levels of burnout. You know how and when sleep is restful and how this is shown in the HRV and in the Lebensfeuer picture.

  • basics in HRV
  • The human being as a time and frequency phenomenon
  • The spectrogram and its creation
  • The 3 frequency ranges – time and frequency calculations in the HRV
  • Talent and personality diagnostics in HRV
  • The world of the Lebensfeuer – exemplary sample pictures with detailed explanations
  • Stress – causes and consequences
  • Differentiation of acute and chronic stress, chronic fatigue, exhaustion and burnout in the HRV
  • Burnout and its stages
  • Regeneration and sleep
  • Background, diagnostics, image training, interventions
  • Exemplary sample images with detailed explanations

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Please note that the training is only available in German language

Become an experte for heart rate variability

The certificate training to become an HRV professional includes 4 training modules and an exam.

  • Modules 1 and 3 are offered on various dates in Vienna, Bonn and Berlin throughout the year. A seminar must be attended on one date per module; the seminar locations can be varied without any problems.
  • Since module 2 is an e-learning module and module 4 is a practical part, these two modules are independent of dates.
  • Deadline for submitting the protocols for completing module 4 is 2 weeks before the exam date!

learning goal
You will learn a professional founded knowledge of HRV measurements and their analysis. You can take stock of the information obtained and derive individual recommendations for the client. You recognize critical situations and know if you have to refer your clients to a (specialist) doctor. After completing your training, you will be qualified to use HRV together with your clients and benefit from the increasing demand for corporate and private health promotion.



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