Heart rate variability – the HRV practice textbook

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The standard work for all advanced users

Heart rate variability (HRV) has become part of everyday life for many people. A concise presentation of the basics as well as instructions for using the method in therapy and coaching, numerous case studies, age- and gender-specific guidelines, comprehensive research on the subject of medication and HRV, targeted literature references and a comprehensive glossary enable the method to be applied at a high level.

2nd revised edition

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What readers say

“An extremely valuable book for me. The term ‘practice’ textbook is particularly apt, because the orientation in this direction is, in my opinion, the most important thing of all. But the overall structure and organization are great and show the immense experience of the author, not only in the purely medical field but also across the various psychological background aspects and therefore allows even relative laymen to use this valuable diagnostic tool effectively.
I can therefore highly recommend this book for both private and professional users of the Lebensfeuer HRV measurement.”

“Very well structured, very instructive and informative. The many practical examples make it very easy to understand and comprehend. You can feel the professional competence due to the author’s many years of intensive involvement with HRV. A reference book that belongs in the practice of every HRV user.
I’m delighted that it’s finally on the market. An important guide in my specialist psychological practice for clinical and health psychology as well as sports psychology, which I would not want to be without.”

“This textbook focuses on theory and practice: medical and technical basics of HRV, history, background information (why you should measure at all, why it makes sense to tone the vagus). The book then shows many examples, HRV measurement examples, such as in sport, the influence of medication on HRV, etc. The overall structure and organization of the book are ingenious and demonstrate the author’s extensive experience in the field of heart rate variability. It also shows that there is considerable scope for misinterpreting the data, as I have experienced myself.”


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