Annual Set “Chest Belt”

399,00  inkl. MwSt

Health experience for a whole year incl. Chest strap set

Contents: size “M” textile chest strap with Bluetooth-enabled ECG sensor for real-time measurements and a one-year My Autonom Health & Sports flat rate

  • Analysis of the 10 decisive health and lifestyle factors
  • 5-minute performance analysis during measurement
  • All the features of the sports software for training, performance and regeneration control.
  • You can carry out as many measurements as you like over the course of a year

This subscription is NOT automatically renewed.

When making your purchase, please note that, unlike credit card payments, it may take a few days for payment to be completed using the Sofort Pay payment method. We therefore recommend payment by credit card.

Please note that due to hygiene regulations, chest straps can only be returned unused and in their original packaging.

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Get to know yourself better 365 days a year!

You are interested in your health and know that you also have an influence on it. Thanks to its annual flat rate incl. chest strap set, you rely on an objective source: Your autonomic nervous system.


  • Includes a chest strap and a Bluetooth-enabled ECG sensor


  • Includes annual subscription to My Autonom Health software

Annual subscription

  • As many self-measurements as you want – 365 days / year

Trust yourself the most

This set enables you to continuously analyze your own health in real time using our My Autonom Health app. Push notifications provide you with objective information about your lifestyle and performance. The perfect conditions to try out what works for you and what doesn’t for a year with minimal effort.

Be your own health coach.


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