Our HRV measurement systems at a glance

Whether chest strap with sensor or HRV recorder with adhesive electrodes: it depends on the needs of the person being measured and the desired mode of operation which of the two systems I choose. As there are significant differences in the areas of application of the two sensors, we would like to list the most important features in this blog.

The HRV recorder

HRV Rekorder schlafende Frau

The recorder system is designed for working with patients
and clients with partner accounts. However, users interested in health can also use the recorder to import their own measurements into their private accounts.
A computer with a USB port, a valid tariff in the portal and the HRV recorder are all you need to work with this system.
The recorder is attached to the upper body with 2 adhesive electrodes. Recording starts automatically as soon as the recorder is connected to the electrodes.
The HRV recorder saves the RR data during the entire measurement. Once the measurement is complete, this data is uploaded to the analysis portal via the uploader and analyzed instantly. All evaluations are therefore available immediately. The results are reflected in the Lebensfeuer and the analysis parameters.
The recorder system can be used with a partner account as well as for private accounts!
Attention: The recorder is NOT waterproof, only “splash-proof”. This means that it must be removed before wet activities such as showering, bathing, swimming or a visit to the sauna.

The chest strap system

My interactive health coach

The “My Autonom Health” system was developed for anyone interested in health and offers the user the option of transferring HRV measurements directly to the cell phone using chest straps and HRV devices with Bluetooth technology. As the data is transferred immediately, it is possible to track your performance live during the measurement with the app. In contrast to the partner account analyses, the simplified, easy-to-understand results are available almost immediately on the My Autonom Health app and in the analysis portal!
Intelligent push notifications from the app provide support during the measurement. They provide impulses, warn against overload, deliver feedback in real time and encourage lifestyle optimization. These push notifications can be switched on or off as required.
The sensor – with a sampling rate of one kilohertz – is clipped onto the chest strap and starts measuring independently. It has an internal memory that allows you to swim for a few hours or sleep in peace without having to have your cell phone within reach. Bluetooth can be switched off at any time during the measurement. After switching on again, the data is automatically read out and analyzed. Even radio interruptions in remote areas do not lead to measurement failures or interruptions because the data that was not transmitted is supplied as soon as contact is re-established.
Attention: The chest strap system can only be used with a private account! However, the measurements recorded there can be transferred to the partner account of the supervising coach with the consent of the person being measured.
Note: The evaluations, i.e. software analyses, do not differ in any way, as both systems provide the same raw data material.

HRV Brustgurt Starterset

The two measuring systems at a glance

HRV recorder with adhesive electrodes

Working with patients and clients:
HRV-Professionals and partners lay the foundation in their
partner accounts to their clients and invite them to
upload the measurement data to these special client accounts.
Depending on the desired time, the HRV expert can activate the measurements for his clients and use them as a basis for health coaching.
Linking partner accounts with private accounts opens up additional opportunities to work even better with clients and patients using HRV.

Targeted upgrade from private account measurements to the “Complete Analysis” with HRVmed, HRVvital and HRVsport and the HealthResumee enables you to go into depth and utilize the full range of your own HRV expertise. This makes it much easier to turn a one-off coaching session into a long-term support service. This can be done physically, but experience has shown that it can also be done very well via Skype, telephone, etc. This not only takes coaching of individuals and athletes to a new dimension, it also makes it easy to provide long-term support in the area of corporate health.

Chest strap + sensor

“Selfmonitoring for health”:
A special chest strap, Bluetooth technology and the interactive “My Autonom Health” app enable anyone interested to monitor their health and performance at any time and for any length of time and to constantly improve it with personalized recommendations.
The mobile app is a self-explanatory digital health coach that guides you through the entire measurement process.
The measurement data are continuously sent to the analysis portal when the Internet connection is active and are periodically analyzed there.
The instantaneous performance level is calculated and displayed 288 times in 24h.
The progress of the HRV measurement can be permanently tracked both in the My Autonom Health app and in the analysis portal.
This means that the person being measured is immediately aware of the current performance and can make effective changes.
Intelligent push messages from the app provide support during the measurement. They provide impulses, warn of overload, deliver feedback in real time and encourage performance optimization.

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