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Note on Gender Mainstreaming

In the same estimation, the gender-neutral formulation is dispensed with due to reasons of readability and in favour of comprehensibility of the texts. All texts are directed to the interested reader, regardless of gender.

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Andreas FRIEDLE:
Foto von Erich Schwarz

Short Videos and Films

pilotFilm andreas schmölzer e.U.
> film- & videoproduktion
Zeuggasse 3 DG 15
1050 Wien
mobil +43 699 101 77 9 66


Travel Network Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
Reise TV Film-Produktion GmbH & Co KG
Hohenlindener Straße 1
81677 München
Tel: +49 89 416 126 75

Legal information on the photos displayed on the homepage

The pictures displayed on this homepage come mostly from the internet platforms and, copyrights are cited in what follows. Pictures on the site “Health Tourism” have been thankfully supplied by Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen as well as the respective hotels.
Several graphics and Lebensfeuer spectrograms were taken from the AUTONOM HEALTH® analysis portal or come from the AUTONOM HEALTH® archive. They are subject to copyright protection and may only be used with express consent of the Autonom Health GmbH.
Portrait photos of partners/Professionals as well as pictures of the partner hotels have been provided by the respective individuals and institutions and are being displayed on the homepage with their consent. The picture rights are with the partner companies.
The group photo of the Autonom Health partners is from Simone Reukauf.

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