HRV Online Training

Become a certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health with the HRV Online Training

Are you interested in heart rate variability (HRV)?

Have you been measuring yourself for some time and want to understand the background to the measurement?

Do you work in your own practice and want to objectively assess your clients’ state of health?

⇒ Then our HRV online training / training to become a certified HRV professional is just right for you


Don’t have time on our online Zoom dates?

Do you want to start your training immediately and flexibly?

Do you understand and speak English fluently?

Then our English training is just right for you

Lernende in der Ausbildung zum HRV-Professional

Our English-language training consists of 4 modules and a final exam. Anyone interested in learning more about health, lifestyle and maximizing potential can watch our English-language online videos from anywhere at any time to learn more about HRV.

Simple, understandable, compact and available at any time – from your first steps in HRV to becoming a certified expert, you can choose your training videos as required. Each module can be booked individually or as a package.

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