What is My Autonom Health?

“My Autonom Health” is an analysis of the state of your health based on a 24-hour measurement of your heart. It measures the heart rate variability (HRV) which consists of the millisecond-exact distances between the heart beats.

Become your own Health Coach

Never get sensible answers to your health questions?
Here you do!

Simply take your health into your own hands!

  • At risk of burnout?

“Am I at risk of burnout because of the permanent stress at work?”

  • Recovery in sleep?

“How well do I recover in my sleep?”

  • Lose weight more easily?

“Should I pass on dinner in order to lose weight better?”

  • Simply feel comfortable again!

“Why don’t I feel comfortable despite exercise and a healthy diet?”

  • Burnout gefährdet?

„Bin ich durch den Dauerstress im Job Burnout gefährdet?”

  • Erholung im Schlaf?

„Wie gut ist meine Erholung im Schlaf?”

  • Leichter abnehmen?

„Soll ich auf mein Abendessen verzichten, um besser abnehmen zu können?”

  • Einfach wieder wohlfühlen!

„Wieso fühle ich mich trotz Bewegung und gesunder Ernährung nicht wohl?”

Self-measured, profoundly diagnosed

Finally, you can measure where you stand health-wise yourself and you’ll receive comprehensive graphic analyses, results, explanations and recommendations of the ten vital health- and lifestyle-factors as well as 21 further detail results and your 5-minute-exact performance analysis during the measurement. Additionally, you’ll receive individual recommendations in order to stay healthy.

Heart rate variability exactly depicts your state of health. Measure your health anytime, during any activities, 24-hours a day!This is autonomous health management: My Autonom Health.

Result Reports

Images, figures and comparisons

What do I get?
Complementing the web portal analyses, the multi-page PDF report includes an overview of all your measurement results.

My Autonom Health Report

Demo Account

You want to look at a “My Autonom Health” sample analysis on the analysis portal?

Login details for the demo account:
Password: Myhealth

How does it work?


  • attach recorder

To measure the heart rate variability, you’ll use a HRV recorder. The electrodes will be attached directly onto the skin on two spots on your chest.



  • perform measurement

Measure approx. 24 hours in regular day-to-day life.



  • document activity

You can record the course of your day using our smart phone app (android/iOS) and synchronise the measurement later.



  • upload measurement

The recorder can be connected straight to the computer via USB. All data will be uploaded automatically to your account on our online portal.



  • get your LifeFire

Your evaluations are available immediately after the upload.

All advantages at a glance

Using the My Autonom Health recorder, you measure your health. Based on the measurement results, you will receive personalised recommendations.

The resulting benefits did not exist before: you can measure whether you’re healthy or sick and based on the measurement results you’ll get suggestions on what to do in order to stay healthy and what to do in order to become healthy again. How is this possible? All rhythms of life are mirrored in the rhythm of your heart!

  • self-monitoring to Health – whenever, wherever and however often you want
  • answers to many of your lifestyle questions
  • medically profound, intelligent health diagnostics
  • answers to your health questions by experts of the Autonom Health Community


With the help of our technology, you can monitor yourself over the course of multiple measurements or compare yourself to other people. Additionally, it generates detailed evaluations on your state of health, sleep, stress resistance, dietary behaviour and physical and mental performance.
You can identify down to every 5 minutes the level of your performance ability (flow – mediocrity – tension – fatigue – exhaustion…). The efficacy of the concrete recommendations (which are based on your measurement) is visible in the progress graphics.

Health diagnostics day-to-day, even without a doctor 91%
Detailed analysis of the vital condition 91%
Answers to lifestyle questions 89%
Customised solutions 95%

Start Now

A computer with a USB connection and a HRV recorder are sufficient in order to use our technology. Order your starter set here so you can take your health into your own hands!

Enthusiastic customers

We don´t leave you alone!

FQuestions on your measurement? Want to know more about health?

In our Autonom Health Community you can exchange views on health topics and discuss questions with our experts. This internet forum offers the possibility to ask questions on your measurement, post anonymous measurements, discuss health topics or simply broaden your knowledge.

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