Our HRV-chest belt system with interactive App

Never get reasonable answers to your health questions?
Here you do!

A special chest belt, Bluetooth technology and the interactive “My Autonom Health” App allow to monitor your health and performance
at any time and for any length of time and constantly improve it with personalized recommendations.

With our technology you can check your health status where and even compare with other people.
Simple, fast and incredibly cheap.

Your mentor for a healthy life

  • At risk of Burnout?

“Am I at risk of burnout because of the permanent stress at work?”

  • Recovery in sleep?

“How well do I recover in my sleep?”

  • Lose weight more easily?

“Should I pass on dinner in order to lose weight better?”

  • Simply feel comfortable again!

“Why don’t I feel comfortable despite exercise and a healthy diet?”

Your health coach on the phone

Our free health App “My Autonom Health” accompanies you as a Digital Health Coach through the entire measurement.
With an active internet connection, the measured data are continuously sent to the analysis portal and periodically analyzed.
The current performance level is calculated and displayed 288 times in 24 hours!

The progress of your HRV measurement can be permanently monitored both in the My Autonom Health-App and in the analysis portal.
So you know immediately about your current performance and can initiate effective changes.

Intelligent push messages from the App help you during the measurement.
They provide impetus, warn against overload, provide feedback in real time and encourage lifestyle optimization.

A device that makes your heart speak

How does it work?


  • Book the desired tariff

You can book your desired tariff in the webshop https://shop.autonomhealth.com/shop/ OR directly in your private account in the analysis portal https://portal.lebensfeuer.com/.

My Autonom Health Sports Flatrate


  • Perform measurement

Measure around 24 hours in normal everyday life. Thanks to the internal memory in the sensor, a permanent Bluetooth connection with the smartphone is not required, the data is temporarily stored on the sensor for approx. 10 hours.

Messung machen


  • Health-App is accompanying

See immediately whether you are tense, tired or perfectly “in the green”. Our app (Android / iOS) accompanies you as a digital health coach in a self-explanatory manner in your daily routine.

interaktive App


  • Push notifications give support

Feedback during the measurement helps to optimize performance, provides targeted information and gives tips that can be implemented immediately.

Push Notificatons


  • Experience health

On the way to health, you can watch your LifeFire developing and – if necessary – take countermeasures immediately. In the detailed evaluations you can compare your results to your peer-group.

Result Reports

Images, figures and comparisons

What do I get?
Complementing the web portal analyses, the multi-page PDF report includes an overview of all your measurement results.

My Autonom Health Ergebnisbericht

Demo Account

You want to look at a “My Autonom Health & Sports” sample analysis on the analysis portal?

Login details for the demo account:
Passwort: Myhealth

Starterset Brustgurt

start now

Whether you want to measure with a Bluetooth-enabled chest belt system or rather with an HRV recorder, we offer innovative technologies for every taste.
Order your starter set here to take your health into your own hands!

Your Benefits

Selfmonitoring to Health and Fitness – when, where and as often as you want 100%
Health diagnostics day-to-day 100%
Detailed analysis of the vital condition 100%
Answers to lifestyle questions 100%
Customised solutions 100%
Intelligent health diagnostics, scientifically proven 100%
Answers to your health questions from experts in the Autonom Health Community 100%

We don´t leave you alone!

Questions on your measurement? Want to know more about health?

In our Autonom Health Community you can exchange views on health topics and discuss questions with our experts. This internet forum offers the possibility to ask questions on your measurement, post anonymous measurements, discuss health topics or simply broaden your knowledge.

Personal coaching in your area
Please contact an HRV professional in your area.
A list of all partners can be found at https://community.autonomhealth.com/partner

Online coaching with an HRV professional
Book a 45min coaching session via video conference with a certified HRV professional at

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