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Heart Rate Variability in a professional practice

The autonomic nervous system as an objective authority

Using Autonom Health you measure your client’s and patient’s health.
Capture general, physical and mental vitality, regeneration and sleep. The functional biological age and the actual burnout risk are being determined based on these parameters. Due to the analysis of our software, you can pass on concrete recommendations of actions to your clients and evaluate therapy progresses. Arrange subsequent measurements and objectify the development of the individual state of health.

Increase your client’s loyalty with your clinic and build trust through our HRV measurement.

Vegetative Functional Diagnostics

This is about the most important topic: nothing more or less than the health, performance ability and regeneration of your patients, clients and coachees!

Our offer applies to everyone working in the health-care sector:
Doctors, psychologists, therapists, sport scientists, nutrition experts, pharmacists, natural health practitioners and coaches as well as everyone else that has a focus on health.

The Tool

Our software depicts the measurement results in an image…

… and provides up to 105 health-related analysis data.

Result Reports

Patient compliance made easy!

How do I inform my patients about the results of their measurements?
In addition to the analysis results, there are different PDF reports available on the portal – which can also be made available to the patient.

Examples for HRVvital + HRVmed Analysis Reports

Demo Account

In the demo acccount you can see how to access HRVmed and HRVvital analysis online.

Login-details for the demo account:
Passwort: demo-hrv


A computer with USB connection and a HRV recorder are all you need to use our technology. Open a partner account on our analysis portal and order your starter package now!

You will receive your analyses directly after uploading your measurement data automatically via our online software. The results are mirrored in the Lebensfeuer and the analyses parameters.

Our software offer for Professionals & Partners


The user-friendly HRV system for exact 24-hour HRV analyses in the medical sector. All features for diagnostics and progress as well as cardiac output and HRV data in comparison to age and gender are immediately available.


HRV software for 24h long-term measurements including detailed results, explanations and recommendations on state of health, processing of stress, regeneration, sleep, biological age, performance potential, burnout resistance and much more.
More than 50 cardiac output and HRV data at the click of a mouse.


The 24h HRV tool to manage performance and regeneration. Developed and tested in elite and mass sports. All numeric and graphic HRV performance data at the click of a mouse.


This 5 to 30 minute short analysis works as an indicator and offers directions as to the state of health of the measured person.

Holistic stress diagnostics 100%
Objectification of lifestyle consequences 100%
Early detection of functional disorders 100%
Sleep screening in one’s own bed 100%
Acceptance with clients/patients 100%
Evaluation of therapy 100%

Successful Practical Application

Our Offers – Your Benefits


  • Measurement & Analysis
  • After a measurement with a mini-recorder of approx. 24-hours, the most essential health indicators such as actual biological age, physical and mental vitality, burnout risk, quality of sleep and performance and regeneration ability are being depicted impressively as well as described meaningfully and comprehensibly. The Lebensfeuer image, heart rate and vitality index (in graphical presentation) as well as all cardiac output and HRV data in figures, graphs and standard comparisons are accessible around the clock on our internet platform.


  • Reports
  • PDF reports with over 50 pages of written expertise on measurements describe all the important measurement results – in short form as a survey sheet and in more elaborate form on the vital-, med-, and sport-analyses. All results of the measurement are encapsulated by traffic light graphs and comparables.


  • Explanations on the performance and health management
  • All evident parameters are being explained in a simple and understandable way and therefore create a coherent base for health communication.


  • Health Summary
  • This multi-page report contains all information on the measurement, including detailed explanations on all essential measurement aspects in statistical presentation and understandable explanations on every logged activity – a 360° overview of all essential aspects of your health!


  • Recommendations to improve or maintain the state of health and performance
  • The optimisation of health-influencing factors which are easily assimilable into daily life and quickly lead to improvement are central.


  • Additionals
  • These additional packages offer personal recommendations and detailed information on the three essential areas of life: movement & sports, nutrition & energy and personality & career. The measured person learns what he can do for his health, nutrition and physical performance, what type of personality he is and which professional talents mark him out based on his physiological constitution.


  • Orientation & Comparison
  • Our comprehensive data pool enables us to put the individual results in relation to the corresponding gender and age groups. Based on multiple measurements, the progress graphs show the development of the state of health for a certain period of time.


  • Coaching
  • We show you how you can give your clients an understanding of the image. The explanation of the measurement results and the implementation of the obtained knowledge in a personal consultation are an essential compliance factor.
    All HRV experts are listed in the Autonom Health Community!

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