Heart rate variability in professional practice

The autonomic nervous system as an objective instance

With Autonom Health, you measure the health of your clients and patients in a highly accurate and comprehensive way.
Objectify all aspects of vitality, regeneration and sleep quality with HRV for professionals.
Sophisticated algorithms also determine functional biological age and current burnout risk.
Based on clear key figures, you can make concrete recommendations for action and evaluate therapy progress.
Arrange follow-up measurements and objectify the development of your clients’ individual health status.

Vegetative function diagnostics

This is about the most important issue: The health, performance and regeneration of your patients, clients and coachees!

Our offer is aimed at all people working in the health field, such as doctors, psychologists, therapists, sports scientists, nutrition experts, pharmacists, non-medical practitioners and coaches, as well as anyone who is concerned with health.
Work with the highest quality HRV for healthcare professionals!

Increase client retention and build trust with our HRV offering!

Best Practice Examples

Measuring with the HRV Recorder

HRV recorder with adhesive electrodes

Attach Mini ECG to 2 adhesive electrodes on the chest – measurement starts automatically.
Upload of the data via USB after completion of the measurement.
Online evaluation + detailed report PDFs at the click of a button.
HRV recorder is disinfectable and therefore easy to pass on to additional clients.
Extremely simple operation for quick and uncomplicated use without the need for much explanation.
For initial measurements to determine the status quo.
For follow-up measurements to prove the effectiveness of measures taken.
HRV recorder recordings can be imported into both client and private accounts.


Both variants provide the same data material: the time measured in milliseconds between the respective R-waves of the recorded ECG.
The recorder and chest strap systems used are different in terms of their handling, but not in terms of their measurement accuracy (0.001 second accuracy).
The evaluations in the account types are also different: layman-friendly for private accounts, detailed with many HRV details for partner accounts.
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Measurement with the chest strap system

Chest strap with sensor

Real-time HRV measurements using textile chest strap and Bluetooth-enabled ECG sensor.
Ongoing monitoring of lifestyle, therapy progress, etc.
Absolutely robust measuring system, suitable for extreme sports, diving to 30m depth, sauna, cold chamber etc.
Automatic, encrypted transfer of measurement data via cell phone to Autonom Health’s analysis engine.
Measure without cell phone contact (sports, sleep, …) thanks to integrated memory for up to 10 hours.
Measurement progress can be permanently tracked live in the My Autonom Health app and in the analysis portal.
Every 5 minutes the current health and performance level is calculated.
Based on this, the app provides real-time feedback and push notifications for targeted action and effective change.
HRV professionals recommend the purchase of a “My Autonom Health” chest strap system so that they can monitor the health and performance of their clients over longer periods.
The chest strap system can only be used in conjunction with a private account!

Extras. For professionals!

Private account measurements can be upgraded to a “Complete Analysis” with HRVmed, HRVvital and HRVsport as well as the HealthResume. This makes all relevant figures, graphs and functions available immediately.
Use all the tools that supplement your own HRV competence! Your clients will be intrigued and a one-time coaching session will effortlessly transition into a long-term support service, whether it’s in-person or digital.
In addition to quality in the care of individuals and athletes, this also takes corporate health to a new dimension. Our partners and us as coaches have been supporting renowned companies in the entire D-A-CH area for years and with great success.

Take a look!

Sample evaluation and demo account

Want to see a “My Autonom Health & Sports” sample analysis in the analysis portal?
Login data for the demo account: myautonomhealth@autonomhealth.com
Password: Myhealth

Or download the sample evaluation PDF right here:

Our software for HRV professionals & partners


The user-friendly HRV system for accurate 24h HRV analyses in the medical field. All features for diagnostics and progression as well as cardiac output and HRV data compared to age and gender are available immediately.


The HRV software for 24h long-term measurements with detailed results, explanations and recommendations for health status, stress processing, regeneration, sleep, biological age, performance potential, burnout resistance and much more.
Over 50 heart performance values and HRV data at the click of a button.


The 24h HRV tool for performance and regeneration control. Developed and tested in top athletes and popular sports. All numerical and graphical HRV performance data at the click of a button.


The 5- to 30-minute short analysis provides basic indications of the measured person’s state of health.

Our services – your advantages!

Measurement and analysis

After a measurement of 24 hours, the decisive health indicators such as current biological age, general, physical and mental vitality, burnout risk, nutritional behavior, sleep quality, performance and regeneration ability are visually displayed, and comprehensibly described.
The life fire image, heart rate and vitality index in graphical representation as well as all heart performance and HRV data in figures, graphs and norm comparisons can be accessed directly on our internet platform around the clock.


Over 50 pages of report PDFs as written expertise on the measurement describe all important measurement results – in short form as an overview sheet and in detailed form on the Vital, Med and Sport analyses. All results of the measurement are concisely brought to the point with traffic light graphics and comparative values.

Declarations for performance and health management

All reported parameters are explained in a simple and understandable way, thus creating a uniform basis for health communication.

Health Resume

This multi-page report with detailed explanations of all essential measurement aspects in a statistical format and comprehensible explanations of each logged activity provides all information on the measurement – the 360° overview of all essential aspects of your health!

Recommendations for improving or maintaining performance and health status.

The focus is on optimizing health-influencing factors that can be easily integrated into everyday life and quickly lead to improvement.


These additional packages offer personal recommendations and detailed information on the three essential areas of life: Exercise & Sport, Nutrition & Energy and Personality & Career. The measured person learns what they can do for their health, nutrition and physical performance, what personality type they are and what professional talents distinguish them based on their physiological constitution.

Orientation & comparison

Our comprehensive data pool allows us to relate individual outcomes to gender and age group. Based on several measurements, progress curves show the development of the health status over a certain period of time.


We will show you how to bring the message of the image closer to your client. The explanation of the measurement results and the implementation of the findings in a personal consultation represent a significant compliance factor.
All HRV experts are listed in the Autonom Health Community!

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