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The level of physical stress and fatigue associated with the
regenerative capacity of an individual to date still is a matter of “gut feeling”.

With an HRV measurement, states of overlaoding and overreaching can be clearly detected and prevented. The athlete is being guided to his maximum physically and psychologically tolerable limits, which bring him to a higher base level with the help of optimized regeneration. It is precisely this possibility that opens up new perspectives for coaches and athletes alike.

Heart rate AND heart rate variability – a new marker for ECONOMY & STRESS.

HRVsport is the first software to display the heart rate and HRV values determined during training in a curve graph. Stress and economy during load can thus be precisely evaluated over the course of the training. For example, determining the most economical cadence in cycling and stride frequency in running will be much easier and more accurate than in field tests.

“My Autonom Sports” – the unique HRV sports software

The algorithms underlying the results are not based on the values of a few top athletes, as is usually the case, but are based on the performance of the respective individual. All changing constellations in the field of tension between individual constitution and variable development are continuously taken into account. The numerical and graphical HRV performance data, which can be accessed at the click of a button, give top and amateur athletes the confidence they need in their training and life planning.

Four reliable parameters point the way to success:
Training readiness
Stress recovery parameter (STEP value)
Neurophysiological load (NPB)
Continuous power test (DLT)


The core value of this special software – the so-called “training readiness” – is determined from all the stimuli acting on the body during the day, the performance during training and the ability to regenerate during sleep.
Compared to the values determined from blood, saliva and urine, HRV provides indications of stress or illness long before they can be measured in bodily fluids. Any disruptive factors can thus be responded to immediately.

STEP value

This particular parameter relates to the most important dimensions for sports – stress and recovery. It attains its high significance, since here all stressors of the 24h measurement are put in contrast to the regeneration during sleep. In combination with the neurophysiological load (NPB), much more meaningful information is obtained with regard to the evaluation of the total load than is possible via the sole observation of the heart rate at rest.


Training uses the property of our organism to adapt to increasing amounts of stress. In this context, neurophysiological load (NPB) measures the effect of physical and psychological stimuli of endurance training on the vegetative system.
This makes HRVsport a software that not only evaluates everyday life, but also training individually.


The endurance test (DLT) determines when the body switches from largely aerobic (oxygen-rich) to anaerobic (oxygen-poor) energy production. Knowing this individual threshold allows training stimuli to be adjusted and metabolism to be more economical. The test is performed during a long-term HRV measurement and stored as an activity. Duration approx. 30 minutes. During this time, the goal is to walk or bike as far as possible. The results can be transferred to the athlete’s profile (account) or manually maintained there.
TIP: The results of the test can be validated in a subsequent training using the NPB value.

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