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Empowering people to form best possible health using heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability is to be established as the most sound method for managing one’s own health and the health of others.

Together with our partners, we would like to support people through HRV measurements and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle. We use heart rate variability as an objective measurement tool to identify individual resources and risks. With this, individual recommendations and intervention options are derived.

We want to move people in the direction of health.

Your experts. Our team.

Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger

Managing director, scientific & medical director, lecturer

Mag. Andrea Lohninger

COO, Head of Training and Education

Dkfm. Ing. Hans Zavesky

Financial Advisor, Investor

Core team

Mag. Patricia-Maria Böhm

Clinical psychologist and health psychologist

Lorenz Pühringer

Online Marketing Manager

Laura Sophie Dominik

Research & Development Assistant

Karl-Michael Molzer

Strategic Advisor

Michaela Fritsch

Graphic & Design

Dr. Marion Soceanu

Press & Media, Public Relations

Hannelore Willmroth

Research & Development Expert

Our lecturers

Dr. med Andreas Weyenberg

HRV Lecturer Module 1

Erich Schwarz

HRV Lecturer Module 3

Seppi Neuhauser

HRV Lecturer Sport

We are a premium provider for heart rate variability

As the origin of developments in the field of heart rate variability and developer of the graphical representation of the “fire of life”, we work enthusiastically to improve quality of life, health and performance.

Knowledge & Experience

With more than 20 years in the HRV field, Autonom Health has the largest specific HRV reference database with over 90,000 artifact-free long-term measurements. It uses these as a basis for scientific work and enables representative age and gender comparisons.

Health Education Ltd.

Autonom Health GesundheitsbildungsGmbH, founded in 2005 and based in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, is a leading provider of health education and mapping. As a pioneer in health imaging diagnostics, we develop and distribute target group-specific software-based solutions. These provide intelligent analysis, assessment and optimization of health as well as mental and physical performance. The medical basis is the scientifically proven health indicator of heart rate variability (HRV). This guarantees a doubtless, unambiguous analysis of relevant biosignals. Autonom Health developed the groundbreaking method for the visual representation of health in layman’s terms on the basis of HRV. For the first time, our Autonom Health solutions enable simple and effective health, performance and recovery monitoring in professional/private, medical, clinical, rehabilitation and sports settings. In a unique way, the evaluation of a 24-hour HRV measurement documents the objective status of stress processing, performance and regeneration capacity, sleep quality and other health criteria.

“I have always been fascinated by how accurately we gynecologists can determine how a child is doing before and during birth. As long as the distance between each heartbeat keeps varying in the child, everything is fine. As soon as the heart beats too evenly, something must be done. The pregnant woman changes her position, her breathing rhythm, may be given oxygen or a drug may be administered to temporarily weaken the contractions. In case the measure taken is effective, it is immediately reflected in the heartbeat – the variability increases back to normal levels. Virtually every birth used to be monitored by midwives and doctors using Pinard’s ear trumpet, a simple wooden instrument that allows the baby’s heart rhythm to be assessed. Today, this role is assumed by the so-called cardiotocogram (from Latin cardio “heart” and Greek tokos “birth”). An ultrasound sensor records the fetal heartbeat, and a contraction pressure sensor records the labor activity of the pregnant woman. The principle of the variability of the heartbeat sequence as an unmistakable indicator of the actual condition of a human being, as an immediate sign of his momentary reaction to the sum of all consciously and unconsciously influencing and relieving life circumstances, this phenomenon, which already exists prenatally, remains with every human being – until his death. So what could be more obvious than to use this gift of nature not only before your own birth, but throughout your life, to determine with certainty, where you gain or lose vitality. Such a true “bio-psycho-socio-emotional feedback” could serve one – whenever one wants – as a compass to steer the direction of one’s life always in accordance with one’s very own current needs. You could always find out with certainty for how long and how intensively you should work and sleep. Whether breaks are really effective, which sports, which hobbies, even which friends are good for you. From which meals consumed at what intervals you get the most energy and in what way medications, supplements, alcohol, etc. etc. affect you. This chance to achieve one’s own health, performance and well-being not only from one’s own experience and with one’s own “gut feeling”, to not only question expert opinions but to gauge them, this fascinating possibility of knowing one’s life is on a safe track, has been the absolute center of my own life for 16 years now. Research in the field of heart rate variability, or HRV, is fascinating more and more scientists and users around the world. And the more knowledge is gained by using this method in all areas of life, the more it is recognized that harnessing this simple principle – inherent in every human being – will be the key technology that enables people to make deeply autonomous decisions for their lives. Increasingly simple sensors that can be used on a daily basis and without any restrictions, together with highly complex algorithms based on physiological and pathophysiological laws and a huge database, enable statements to be made about current health and performance, as well as conclusions to be drawn about the effects of past life circumstances and secure and targeted planning of one’s own future. Not only because medicine is on the verge of its greatest developmental step, namely achieving health and no longer solely fighting and preventing disease, but because we have always followed this credo and meanwhile know how to achieve this goal in terms of a new personalized medicine, our entire explanation, result and recommendation system is successfully geared towards demonstrably improving health and performance in order to simultaneously also balance imbalances and significantly support the (self-)healing of diseases. AUTONOM HEALTH GesundheitsbildungsGmbH is owned by five private shareholders. As the majority owner, CEO and Medical Director of the company, I ensure in my medical self-image that the thoughts and actions of all employees are also guided by medical ethics. The highest standards of data protection and security are – as a logical appreciation of our database – an immovable cornerstone of our corporate architecture. We feel the greatest reverence for the autonomy of the individual and recognize our importance to a democratization of health supported by trust.”

Dr. Alfred Lohninger, CEO

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