Why preventive healthcare with Autonom Health?

We have been improving health in companies since 2006. We want to provide easy and cheap access to health. Due to more than 18 years of activity in the field of HRV, we have the largest specific HRV reference database with over 45,000 artifact-free long-term measurements. It uses this as a basis for scientific work and enables, for example, representative age and gender comparisons.

 What ist HRV by Autonom Health?

  • Do-it-yourself-measurements
  • guaranteed anonymity
  • Annual reports on 10 health and lifestyle factors
  • Health index – the new key figure in Corporate Health Management
  • Individual support through experienced professionals
  • Optimal tool for prevention planning
  • Evaluation of human capital based on objective measurement data
  • Recognized method for physical and psychological risk analysis

What are the advantages of HRV by Autonom Health?

  • User-friendliness: Handling the measurement devices (no turning on/off, data upload in a few seconds, logging of activities via app, automatic synchronisation of measurement and activity data).
  • Analysis effort: No processing by experts needed. Immediate analysis of up to 150 cardiac output and HRV data, health determinants and lifestyle factors.
  • Accuracy: Immediate analysis of 288 five-minute periods of measurement time in the form of an intuitively perceptible “performance graph” to reflect different “energy levels”.
  • Extent: From the 5-minute short analysis, to the do-it-yourself 24h measurement, to the medical detail analysis including respiration, screening of cardiac arrhythmias etc. and personal coaching by experts (doctor, psychologist, coach, therapist).
  • Sustainability: Motivation system with recommendations, reward system in the form of special progress charts.
  • Price: Unbeatable cost-benefit-ratio (e.g. total cost for a staff of 100 is €30,- per employee for two measurements/employee/year including hardware and electrodes)

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