HRV-chest belt system with interactice app

The time has come: The interactive health coach is here!

The new interactive app for the use of Bluetooth-enabled HRV chest straps is ready for you!

HRV measurements are now transmitted directly to the mobile phone using chest straps and HRV devices with Bluetooth technology. It is thus possible to track its performance live during the measurement with the new app, since the data is now transferred immediately. This eliminates the caching of chest data on a heart rate monitor as well as uploading the measurement via the uploader.

The great thing about it: The results are available almost immediately on the My Autonom Health App as well as in the Analysisportal!

Intelligent push notifications on the part of the app support during the measurement. They provide impulses, warn against overload, provide feedback in real time and encourage lifestyle optimization.

The Autonom Health chest strap system

The textile belt consists of a comfortable fabric with woven electrodes. This not only guarantees a special wearing comfort, the materials used even reduce the skin resistance during data acquisition. Of course, the belt can be washed in the washing machine.


The  sensor – with a sampling rate of one kilohertz – is clipped onto the chest strap and begins to measure independently.
It has an internal memory that allows you to swim for a few hours or to sleep in peace without having to have the mobile phone in range. Bluetooth can be switched off at any time during the measurement. After switching on again, the data is automatically read out and analyzed. Even radio interruptions in remote areas will not lead to measurement failures or interruptions because the data that has not been transmitted will be delivered immediately after the contact has returned.

Which questions can be clarified?

Many questions about health and performance!

  • BURNOUT DANGEROUS? “Am I endangered by the constant stress in Job Burnout?”
  • LIGHT REMOVAL? “Shall I give up my dinner to lose weight better?”
  • SIMPLY FEEL GOOD! “Why do not I feel well despite exercise and a healthy diet?”
  • RECREATION IN SLEEP? “How good is my rest while sleeping?”

and a lot more.

Note: The My Autonom Health app works on both Android and iOS devices. It can be used with all Bluetooth-enabled chest straps and HRV devices as well as with our new Autonom Health chest strap system.





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