Best practice: powerful again in your job

We continue with our “Best Practice” series.

Judith Steiner, 35, tells how she became aware of HRV & My Autonom Health and what has changed.


Miss Judith Steiner, 35

Bank employee


With my 35 years – in the prime of my life, so to speak – I can proudly look back on 15 years banking experience. For so long, I’ve been dedicating my life, energy and experience to my employer and doing everything I can to fulfill my role as corporate account manager and branch manager.


When the energy runs out

BAlready since last autumn I feel more and more exhausted and powerless. Sometimes I dragged myself through the day! I wanted to be like a dedicated, glowing and energetic woman.

Instead I head to realize: My Job costs me more and more power!


Take a picture of your health!

Then friends gave me an idea: “You don’t agree anymore how it works? What if you could see what is good for you and what costs you strength? So maybe you can find out what you can change. Without justification, it will not work for you. You always ask for clear facts in your job, as well.”


Said and done! With heart palpitations and a queasy feeling, I made my first 24h HRV measurement with “My Autonom Health”. I started on a long, stressful working day with many appointments and difficult talks. And also about the result for my sleep – you always read how important a good night’s sleep – I was very curious!


Everything in the red area!

This first HRV measurement was a resounding slap in my face. None of the reported health and lifestyle values were acceptable! I only saw red reviews!


 63% Exhaustion sleep

My sleep was terrible. !
The steady red rating of my bad sleep made me shudder. No wonder that after such a bad night, I could not bring my performance during the day and I was only tired!

Good concentration?

Really shocking was the evaluation of my “mental performance”, so my mental capacity. Exactly that was what I had always been very proud of. Especially because of my good memory of numbers and my ability to concentrate, I have been able to gain a reputation as a reliable banker. And now I have it written down: When I am thinking I am mainly tense, tired and exhausted.


It is time

Even if I did not want to admit it: It was time for me to recover!
But what should I do? Also with this question, the analysis portal of Autonom Health did not let me down. Under the rubric “recommendations” I found a lot of effective and easy to implement activities for my everyday life.
I posted my specific medical questions on the health platform of the Autonom Health Community and promptly received competent answers and valuable support.

What I had not come up with and what I probably would not have thought, was the conclusion that my poor sleep was also caused by too little exercise. I should dissolve my tension by activation, only then I could come into the relaxation, is what was recommended to me by the community.

I trusted my heart, or to be more specific the measurement by ECG, and even went to the mountains with my husband. Again and again under the control of the 24h measurements of my “LifeFire”. Absolutely impressive how the day affects the night and vice versa. Unbelievable what a long barbecue leads in one direction and a nap in the other one.


3 months later

My fire is blazing again

My joy was infinite when I saw my “new LifeFire”. The objective result confirmed my subjective feelings: the flames blazed again and my recovered strength was clearly noticeable.


The comparison before and after

Thanks to the individual recommendations, I was able to achieve improvement at all levels. One of the most important factors was probably the positive increase in my sleep quality. The important sleep in the night gave me the necessary regeneration for difficult days. Even exhausting meetings were no problem again.

I could regain my energy and my zest for life!


I am my own health coach

Since my first measurement in May, I have already taken many measurements and thus I always have an eye on my health!

Being my own health coach is priceless. That this is already possible for EUR 20, – per month, still fascinates me.

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