Best Practice series: Karin Warbinek reports

We continue with our Best Practice series “HRV-Professionals and Partners report”.

This time we looked over Karin Warbinek’s shoulders and give you an insight into her practical work.


certified tsar® trainer
certified mental and motivation coach
bank employee


Karin, why did you decide to work with the HRV?
“One of the main reasons is the experience that health is always experienced subjectively in the sense of “I’m feeling …”, “I am …”. Even before I knew the HRV, I felt it needed something that would make people emotionally motivated and help to take a healthier path. A complete blood count is of course important, but eventually often not satisfying enough: “Everything is ok anyway! All values are in the green range! ” is too little and unfortunately does not really reflect how it works in many cases.“

How long have you been working with the HRV so far?
“I’ve been doing my own measurements since April 2017 – meanwhile I did around 180 measurements where I like to try new things and read off the effects in the HRV. That brings a lot of variety in my everyday life.”

How do you use the HRV in your work?
“My own measurements to assess new situations / people / hobbies such as archery most recently – a new passion recognizable in my HRV.
Sports analysis and recognition of patterns to increase your own vitality.
Offer tsar® group training in the community with reference to the HRV and the importance of active regeneration to increase performance whether in everyday life or during sports.”

How do your clients react to the measurements and results?
“My clients are often grateful for new perspectives and suggestions for optimization. A client started the next day to pursue a long-gone hobby, gardening, and told her family that all must help together in the household, because she also needs time for her hobby. The photos of a beautifully landscaped garden have amazed me.
You will see a confirmation in alignment with your own body sensibility.
Often they are surprised when I tell them something about their type and are amazed that one can read “so much out of a LifeFire measurement”.
Logging the activities over 24 hours is something new for many and then they are surprised how their everyday life is designed … Unfortunately, often with many activities and too little breaks.”

Your best experience with the HRV:
“In a bank conversation I somehow came across the topic of health/work life balance and thus the HRV with a customer. He told me that just last week he had taken an HRV measurement from his internist because he felt exhausted. We agreed that he would show me the evaluation of his doctor. Finally, I wanted to know how and what was he was told. The doctor was using a different system of analysis, not Autonom Health, and the client just sent me his LifeFire picture without any activity log or explanations. A challenge for me, because I appreciate the very extensive preparation of the Autonom Health evaluation!
So I had to create a Resumé only based on the LifeFire picture. Thanks to the clearly recognizable typology I was surprisingly able to deliver quite a few impressions and he then said that this was much more meaningful than the conversation with his doctor that was done within 5 minutes. He was surprised about all the information you get from LifeFire picture and was confirmed to quit his extremely stressful job and to find a new professional challenge that requires less energy.“

And then there was an AHA-experience?
“Yes, I always thought that if I slept “like a stone” at night, then it was a good and restful night. With the help of the HRV measurements, I have now recognized what good sleep is and how much more vital you feel the next day. Cell regeneration and healing is only possible with good sleep. I realized how important this factor is for a healthy life. Unfortunately, too few people know about their own sleep quality… No wonder that there are so many types of civilization diseases.”

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