Best Practice serie: HRV-Professionals report

We continue with our Best Practice series. We now regularly look over the shoulders of some of our HRV professionals and partners and give you an insight into their practical work.


certified hrv-professional
certified life and social counsellor
certified stress- and burnout consultant
systemic coach
cooperation partner of SVA
crisis intervention for the Red Cross


Karin, why did you decide to work with the HRV?
“The HRV measurement offers me the perfect opportunity to obtain data and facts on physical and mental health. Thus, I have a measuring device and clear facts to support possible theses.”

How long have you been working with the HRV so far?
“For nearly a year.”

How do you use the HRV in your work?
“The HRV plays an important role in the prevention of stress and burnout. Thanks to the measurement I can quickly discover where to start with the client.”

How do your clients react to the measurements and results?
“Usually it is a “wow” effect. The clients always are amazed by all the information from the measurement. That kind of works like a “door opener”. Because of the comprehensible measurement results my clients are motivated to optimize their lifestyle.”

Your best experience with the HRV:
“The measurement of a doctor. His words were lacking, after he saw what you could read out of the measurement. He said he already knew that the HRV measurement is a good way to visualize your health because he had informed himself. But that it really would be so accurate, he would have never expected. Then he was able to implement the activation recommendations, which made him feel better overall.”

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