Best Practice serie: Lothar Lechler reports

We continue with our Best Practice series “HRV-Professionals report”. This time we looked over Lothar Lechler’s shoulders and give you an insight into his practical work.


certified hrv-professional
trainer, mediator and coach
mental coach and coaching in competitive sport


Lothar, why did you decide to work with the HRV?
“I got to know the HRV through performance diagnostics in elite sports and was fascinated by the idea of being able to transfer this method to (maximum) performers in other professions. So, I came from regular short-term measurements, as I had seen it in the Basketball Bundesliga, to the much more meaningful 24h measurements.”

How long have you been working with the HRV so far?
Since 2013 – I initially worked mainly with short-term measurements, since 2017, I also do many 24h measurements.

How do you use the HRV in your work?
A) As a coach in business and industry, the HRV helps me, when it comes to the topic ‘life balance’, when coachees after longer break times (e.g. due to burnout) try to regain their workday and/or when the coaching topic is regeneration, relaxation or being able to switch off.
B) As a trainer for resilience, ‘stay fit in life’ in the context of seminars followed by individual coaching concerning HRV measurements.
C) As a mental coach working with competitive athletes, for example to see which regeneration procedures are effective and when.
D) For ‘power control’ in (work-) team to prevent individuals go beyond their limits, have a longer-term failure and then in the domino effect burden others so heavily that they get sick as well. Or to put it simply: that everyone in the team stays healthy despite or especially at the highest level of stress.

How do your clients react to the measurements and results?
Insightful – this word is enough to describe everything

Your best experience with the HRV:
“In the (long-standing and until now HRV-less) cooperation with a manager I said at some point: “If you continue this way, I’ll visit you in the clinic at our next appointment.” “Nonsense, it’s still ok and I have to go through it now!” We arranged a measurement that was so impressive that my coachee quickly pulled the emergency brake and two months later he wrote me an email saying: “That saved my life!” Maybe a little bit exaggerated, but …”

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