Best Practice serie: Nicole Tradel reports

We continue with our Best Practice series “HRV-Professionals report”. This time we looked over Nicole Tradel’s shoulders and give you an insight into his practical work.

Nicole Tradel

certified hrv-professional
certified life and social counsellor
psychological counselling
certified expert for stress management and burnout prevention


Nicole, why did you decide to work with the HRV?
“I was looking for a way to combine my knowledge of medicine and consulting. I found this with the HRV.“

How long have you been working with the HRV so far?
“For about 9 months.”

How do you use the HRV in your work?
“I use the HRV measurement for clients who need my help with stress management & burnout prevention. Thus, the current condition is measurable and a first step for the process of change is given.”

How do your clients react to the measurements and results?
“Usually they are very surprised what can be measured and visualized. At the same time, most of my clients are immediately focusing on possible positive changes and are looking for the right ways!”

Your best experience with the HRV:
“Was with a client just before his retirement, who was close to burnout. After the HRV measurement and coaching, he has completely changed his life. He has changed from a “dull” financial job to a degree in music management, so today he has freshness and vitality again. 😊 “

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