Best Practice serie: Henry Bucko reports

We continue with our Best Practice series “HRV-Professionals report”

This time we looked over Henry Bucko’s shoulders and give you an insight into his practical work.


certified hrv-professional
Professional stress management for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Founder and owner of STRESSPOINT
certified trainer for stress regulation and burnout prevention


How did you get in touch with the HRV?
“First, my father-in-law, who is the manager of Pacovis, regularly offers HRV measurements for his employees. But then by my doctor, who is also a HRV-professional. The HRV was sort of a game changer after my burnout, because I was afraid of another burnout. Through the regular HRV measurements, I learned to know and respect my strengths and weaknesses.“

Why did you decide to work with the HRV?
“From firmly conviction that the HRV gets the ball rolling! My own fascination for the HRV finally brought me to a big step: I quit my permanent position as a teacher, completed my training as a HRV professional and as a certified trainer for stress regulation and burnout prevention. With family and financial obligations, the step into self-employment was of course not easy. The deep conviction that stress management is a huge topic, motivated me to continue, even in difficult moments. ”

How do you work with the HRV?
“Already during my first HRV measurements with my clients, I didn’t only work with the SWOT analysis and recommendations, I wanted to give them all sorts of stress management strategies. The wealth of information has overwhelmed many clients, so I decided to make my theoretical and practical knowledge available in digital form. As a longtime teacher, I love mediating and coaching, and so it was obvious to make my knowledge available to both, individuals and companies.”

And how do people react to your stress classes?
“I do not like to use the term “courses” because people associate boring learning from their own school days. The knowledge from our Stresspoint-academy© is very practice-oriented and loosely structured. I prefer to use the term “training” because most of our clients are motivated by their HRV measurement results to change something. And with our online training, they can do this regardless of time and place. ”

Which target groups do you address exactly?
“Very simple: motivated people! Only those who are motivated can make a change in life. Our son is in 1st grade and recently came home with the following words: “Dad, I think I need a HRV measurement. Our teacher always wants us to clean up so quickly, that puts me under stress!” I tried to comfort him that he only has to wait eight years for his HRV data to be able to be evaluated.
The core of our message, however, is clear: Dealing with stress should not only take place in the Burnout Clinic, but already in everyday life. We want to turn the “white, sterile and taboo-like” topic of stress management into something dynamic, motivating and colorful. Because stress affects all people, you must address as many people as possible!”

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