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HRV Online Training Program

For many years we have been offering our extensive training to become an HRV professional both in, formerly Vienna, Klosterneuburg (Austria) and Bonn (D) on site. This year we have now reached another milestone and have revised our training to become an HRV professional. Since May 2021, our Autonom Health Academy has offered the opportunity to complete our training completely online, and in English. Our CEO Dr. Alfred Lohninger sat for more than a year, creating presentations and recording videos.

People from a wide variety of (non-) medical fields have been working with us for more than 10 years.

It is now possible to expand your knowledge of heart rate variability at any time and from anywhere. The following questions are answered:

What exactly is the HRV? How can I use it? Above all: How can I take measurements, understand them myself and explain them to others? You can learn all of this quickly and effectively in the Autonom Health Academy. It offers everything about HRV: from basic training to the exam to become a “Certified HRV Professional.” “. 

HRV knowledge is taught in 4 modules through a combination of instructional videos and interactive online training via Zoom.

Our training to become an HRV Professional, completely in English

  • Module 1 – Basics
  • Module 2 – Backgrounds of the HRV, pattern recognition
  • Module 3 – Secrets of HRV based on 28 sample measurements + interactive part via zoom
  • Module 4 – the practice transfer – Protocols of 10 sample measurements based on a defined process are to be made.
  • Online exam to become a certified HRV professional

What are the advantages of completing the training?

  1. Be a digital health expert
  2. Help people by discovering hidden solutions
  3. Do the most effective coaching
  4. Find the best ways to improve your own health
  5. Motivate your customers in no time at all
  6. Use an ingenious tool in the world’s leading group in HRV
  7. Reach new customers
  8. Help us to make lasting changes to lifestyles
  9. Qualify for our international coaching platform
  10. Take part in our train-the-trainer program


It is possible to book all modules individually. If you are therefore unsure whether the English online training is the right one, you can start comfortably with Module 1!

♠ The English-language training can be ordered via our online shop .

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