HRV-Training to become a certified HRV-Professional by Autonom Health in English & ONLINE

We offer the most comprehensive virtual English-language training in the field of heart rate variability for everyone who is interested in finding out more about health, lifestyle and the full use of his or her potential.
Simple, understandable, compact and available at any time – from the first steps in HRV to certified experts – you can choose your training videos as required.

HRV Online Training


The English-language training offers a combination of instructional videos and interactive online training via zoom.
The videos are available on the “Blinkit” platform:
Access to all training videos can be booked in in our Onlineshop.
With your order confirmation you will receive a link to redeem the access code and a license key.

Learning Objective

You will learn step by step all essential aspects of vegetative functional diagnostics. Starting from the basics of biosignal processing and the transformation of the raw data into the various software analysis systems, up to the concrete application on the client in all areas of modern lifestyle and stress medicine. You will recognize all the essential intervention and optimization potentials of your clients and you will know how to react to different analysis constellations.


The prerequisite for the first two online modules is an interest in one’s own health. Completed professional training and professional experience in the areas of health, counseling or coaching are required for the advanced modules including the final examination. The training to become a certified HRV professional offers a theoretical and an application-oriented part. AND: You can already work with Autonom Health technology during your training!

Participation Fee

Unit Price Module 1 EUR 290,-
Unit Price Module 2
EUR 640,-
Unit Price Module 3
EUR 990,-
Module 4 + Exam HRV-Professional
EUR 940,-
Complete package HRV Health Training (Module 1+2+3+4+Exam)
EUR 2.860,-
Prepayment of full training EUR 2.660,-
All prices include 20 % VAT.
Price base 2021. Subject to change. Please conduct all bookings via our Online Shop.




The trainings take place once a month in groups of a maximum of 6 people from 03:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m. (CET / CEST)

Dates for 2023 will be announced

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