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We offer comprehensive training as certified HRV Professional to all people who work in the health sector. By performing a HRV measurement and the subsequent coaching, you as a certified HRV Professional significantly contribute to the health of your clients.

The training as HRV Professional and the utilisation of our additional training offers enables you to properly apply the diagnostic method of HRV. In order to work with HRV in a professional practice and to be able to answer your clients’ and colleagues’ questions precisely, we will impart the necessary knowledge under the training as HRV Professional.

This further education is recommended for doctors but for all other health professionals it is a prerequisite.
As a certified HRV Professional, you will use knowledge on HRV in health and prevention consultations.

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Learning objective

You will learn a specialised, founded approach with HRV measurements and their analyses. You can draw the balance from the obtained information and derive individualised recommendation for your clients. You learn to recognise critical situations and know when to refer your clients to a specialist. After graduating, you are qualified to utilise HRV together with your clients and you will profit from the increasing demand in corporate and private health promotion.


Requirements for the HRV training course are a completed professional education and practical experience in the areas of health, consulting or coaching.

The training as HRV Professional includes a theoretical and a practical part.
Plus: You can work using the Autonom Health technology even during the training course!

  • Ausbildungsmodule
  • Termine
  • Teilnahmegebühren
  • Seminarorte

Training modules in detail

A starter seminar for everyone who is interested in HRV, work with it or measure themselves and want to learn all essential fundamentals of HRV. The seminar offers 2 ½ days of intensive experience with heart rate variability. As a highlight you will discuss self-measurements of the course participants in detail. The numerous aspects that are identifiable in HRV and the “mechanisms in the background” are made transparent: How are physiological processes reflected in figures, data and facts? How do different physical and mental challenges, regeneration, sleep and others manifest in the Lebensfeuer spectrogram?

Aim: After completing this module, you are able to perform, analyse and evaluate first HRV measurements in your own environment. You know the most important technical terms of HRV and their relevance to health.

  • The philosophy of health education
  • Chronobiology, rhythm, resonance – The scientific background
  • Heart rate variability – What is it?
  • The history of HRV
  • Mathematical and medical principles of HRV
  • The transformation of HRV data to the Lebensfeuer spectrogram
  • The human being as a phenomenon of time and frequency
  • Introduction to the web-based analysis portal
  • How physiological processes are made visible in HRV
  • Image training – Recognise the most important syndromes in HRV
  • Striking sample images from real life
  • First self-measurement and training in dealing with the technology
  • Latest findings of our own and international research

Downloadable knowledge

The most important HRV topics are being streamed online as nuts-and-bolts-films. Revise and deepen your knowledge of the Lebensfeuer and HRV with these videos on the internet. Compact information is available anytime. Whenever, wherever and as often as you want.

Aim: You have a good grasp of all HRV terms and are able to interpret the Lebensfeuer spectrogram. You know the different frequency ranges and how to assess them. You are familiar with the most important numeric values and parameters of HRV and can allocate their sample configurations to conditions such as performance ability, fatigue, exhaustion etc. You can answer questions on stress and stress symptoms and you know the 12 levels of burnout. You know how and when sleep is restorative and how this shows in HRV and the Lebensfeuer spectrogram.

  • Basics of HRV
  • The human being as a phenomenon of time and frequency
  • The 3 frequency ranges – time and frequency calculations in HRV
  • Talent and personality diagnostics in HRV
  • The world of Lebensfeuer – sample images with detailed explanations
  • Stress – cause and effect
  • Differentiation of acute and chronic stress, chronic fatigue, exhaustion and burnout in HRV
  • Burnout and its stages
  • Regeneration and sleep
  • Background, diagnostics, image training, interventions
  • Sample images with detailed explanations

The message in an image

Advanced HRV in theory and practice!
This intensive seminar focuses on communicating the message of the Lebensfeuer through an expedient conversation. How can the course of a HRV consultation be made understandable, doable and significant? Talent and rhythm-oriented coaching in theory and practice as a basis of a successful intervention. Using the specialised knowledge gained in the previous modules, this module focuses on the practical aspect. You will receive an introduction to the structure and build-up of a HRV consultation and you will learn how to specifically prepare for it. Within this module, you will develop your first coaching conversation based on the measurement of a seminar participant and you will conduct this in front of the other attendees.

Aim: You know how to prepare for a HRV consultation, how to recognise personalities and nutrition types from the measurement and how to use this knowledge for a successful coaching. You can filter and impart the essentials from a measurement and convert it into concrete goals.

  • Coaching: Theory and Background
  • Salutogenesis and Psychosocial Health
  • SWOT-Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of a HRV Measurement as a “Distillate” of all Information
  • Communication: The HRV Consultation Based on the C.O.A.C.H. Guidelines
  • The Message of the Lebensfeuer Image: Progress of a Consultation
  • Communicating Lifestyle-Changing Content (Health Coaching / Potential Coaching)
  • Meaning (Logo-therapy and Existential Analysis) / Comprehensibility (Constructivism) / Feasibility (Autonomy Training)
  • Image training based on physiological regularities as Basis of Every Expertise
  • Interventions Based on the 3 Frequency Ranges
  • Discussion of Concrete Sample Measurements from Real Life

Documented cases from your own practice

The gateway to being a certified HRV Professional – qualifications for the exam in two parts:

A. protocols: This part requires you to draw up protocols of 10 sample measurements based on a defined process.
Every participant will receive voucher codes uploaded onto their accounts in order to perform the required measurements for the protocols. Quality and extent of the protocols influence the grading of the exam.

B. Community contributions: In addition, 10 replies to posts in the Autonom Health Community must be written. One of these contributions will be included in the oral examination.

Aim: preparation for the exam; gaining practical experience; getting to know and participating in the Autonom Health Community.

Deadline: The protocols are to be handed in at least 4 weeks prior to the exam date. The community contributions must be completed at least 1 week before the exam date.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 4 HRV training modules

A single-choice test, an analysis of a given exam measurement and a subsequent exam consultation will test your knowledge and coaching competency. After successfully graduating, you will receive the certificate “Certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health”..

  1. Written theory part: Single-choice test including questions from the topics of the Autonom Health training modules and the HRV textbook. (60 questions in 60 minutes)
  2. Exam measurement: A given measurement has to be prepared for the oral exam based on the SWOT analysis in regards to statements, results and message. (preparation time max. 30 minutes)
  3. Oral Examination: Presentation and discussion of prepared exam measurement as well as justification of a self-posted contribution in the Autonom Health Community.

Aim: Certified HRV Professional by Autonom Health



  • MODULE 1
  • Online:
    October 20 - 21, 2023

    March 10 - 12, 2023


  • Module 3
  • Online:
    April 21 - 22, 2023
    November 17 - 18, 2023



Important Notes:

  • Modules 1 + 3 are held all year round on different dates online and in Bonn.
  • Since Module 2 is E-learning and Module 4 is a practical part, these two modules are independent of dates.
  • Deadline for the protocols required for completing Module 4 is 4 weeks prior to exam date!

Attendance Fees

Module 1   (HRV Basis Seminar)
EUR 640,-
Module 2   (e-Learning)
EUR 640,-
Module 3   (HRV Coaching Seminar)
EUR 640,-
Module 4   (Practice Transfer)
EUR 640,-
Exam as HRV Professional EUR 300,-
Complete Training Package (all modules + exam)
Pay in Instalments EUR 2.860,-
Prepay Full Package Amount EUR 2.660,-
Special Workshop EUR 320,-
All prices are including 20% VAT, HRV textbook, hand-outs as well as snacks, tea and coffee at break times.
The HRV textbook is part of the training and included in the price.
Price basis 2022. Subject to change. We ask you to please submit all orders or seminar applications directly via our analysis portal.

Credits for psychologists

The “Certificate Training for HRV Professional by Autonom Health” is recognized by the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists (BÖP) as a further training event in accordance with Section 33 Psychologists Act 2013 with 34 units.

Heart Rate Variability – The HRV Practice Textbook

Basic knowledge

Together with his team of authors, Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger conveys well-founded basic HRV knowledge and informs about HRV as a method in diagnostics, therapy and coaching. The current status on the topic of medication and HRV gets just as much attention as the age- and gender-specific reference levels and numerous case studies on the diverse utilisation of HRV.

The HRV textbook serves as the basis theory of the training as HRV Professional and is included in the seminar price!

Seminar Venues

Praxis Weyenberg

Klosterneuburg, Austria

Autonom Health Zentrum
Siedersgraben 2/2
3400 Klosterneuburg

Bonn, Germany

Praxis für Prävention
Hermannstraße 38-40
53225 Bonn

Seminar Times

Friyday, 09am – 06pm
Saturday, 09am – 06pm

Friday, 02pm – 06pm
Saturday, 09am – 06pm
Sunday, 09am – 03pm

Our Training Staff

Dr. Alfred Lohninger

Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger

HRV Expert, originator and developer of the Lebensfeuer image, author

chief scientist and doctor of Autonom Health GmbH


Dr. med. Andreas Weyenberg

Certified HRV Professional and certified HRV Lecturer

General Practitioner, private practice for preventative medicine, stress and burnout medicine, natural-based therapies, BGM-lecturer for several corporations

Schwarz Erich 2017

Erich Schwarz

Certified HRV Professional and certified HRV Lecturer

Burnout prevention trainer, mental trainer, LifeKinetic trainer, specialist for BGM, commercial massage therapist

Seppi Neuhauser

Seppi Neuhauser

Certified HRV Professional and certified HRV Lecturer

Successful trainer in top-class sport and former high-performance athlete

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