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We are a premium provider of HeartRateVariability measurements.
Having more than 18 years’ medical and engineering experience, we supply the market-leading technology to examine heart frequency.


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HeartRateVariability (HRV) shows the adaptability of an organism and is therefore a measure for health. A variable heart beat indicates a good health status, whereas a constant pulse should be seen as a warning sign. Measuring the heart rate for 24-hours uncovers fine differences of the heart frequency pattern.

Evaluations – health in images and numbers

We have developed a reliable and highly sensitive screening instrument with which the general health of a person can be ascertained.
Our technology meets 100% of the guidelines for performing and analyzing HRV measurements set in 1996 by the Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology.

The measured distances between the heart beats are displayed as a diagram: the Lebensfeuer (LifeFire).

It provides information about your holistic health status and extends the variety of numerical analysis parameters with
an intuitively perceptible result representation.

Additionally, the most essential Health Parameters are generated

The Health Status describes the “functionality” of the entire organism, the current physique and ability to perform and regenerate.

The heart rate variability correlates with health and age. Therefore, the functional biological age measures the current adaptability to changing external and internal conditions.

The level and dynamic progress of data of cardiac output and HRV compared to one´s own age and gender peers reflect the current level of performance of physical and mental services.

The vegetative resilience describes the ability to handle stress and strains productively while still being able to regenerate well.

This value calculates the resistance to stress. The lower the biological age, the more adequate the physiological pattern during activation and periods of rest. The better the physical and mental performance and sleep, the higher the resistance to burnout.

The exact quality of sleep (sleep of exhaustion, suspicion of snoring, bad, average, good, very good) in one´s own bed is calculated in 5-minute increments.

quantity, point in time, duration and quality (lowering of heart rate and activity of sympathetic nervous system, rising of parasympathicoton) of phases of regeneration are evaluated.

Complex algorithms calculate the extent of focus, physical state of stress and economy (from exhaustion or fatigue to flow) during mental performance.

Heart and HRV performance data calculate the target area, the efficacy during and the regeneration after physical stress.

Quantity and duration of meals and food breaks in cooperation with the individual energy level during and after meals enable the actual reflexion on personal eating habits.

All results; cardiac output and HRV data in a graphic and numeric comparison to age and gender peers.

Concrete individual recommendations based on the actual measurement result in order to pointedly optimise health.

HRV Health Training

The arguably most comprehensive education in HRV worldwide!
We train you to be a certified HRV-Professional by Autonom Health.
Choose from two options: The German-language training series with two seminars, e-learning and a practical part
OR the English-language online training with numerous videos, an interactive and a practical part.

Heart rate variability - self-competent to better health

Our Books


Herzratenvariabilität - Das HRV-Praxislehrbuch

Die Herzratenvariabilität (HRV) ist mittlerweile Alltag für Viele geworden. Eine prägnante Vermittlung der Grundlagen sowie die Anleitung zur Nutzung der Methode in Therapie und Coaching, zahlreiche Fallbeispiele, alters- und geschlechtsspezifische Richtwerte, die umfassende Recherche zum Thema Medikamente & HRV, zielführende Literaturverweise und ein umfangreiches Glossar ermöglichen es, die Methode auf hohem Niveau anzuwenden.

ISBN: 978-3-7089-2140-2

EINFACH GESUND – Anleitung zur artgerechten Haltung von Menschen

Entscheiden Sie sich für Lachfältchen und hochgezogene Mundwinkel. Damit werden sie glücklicher, zufriedener und gesünder. Und das ist kein Scherz!“
In seinem vergnüglichen Erstlingswerk beschreibt der Mediziner Alfred Lohninger, wie man „Einfach gesund“ bleiben oder werden kann. Um alles leichter schlucken zu können, ist jedes Kapitel gespickt mit humorvollen Szenen aus der Literatur, Musik und Malerei.

ISBN: 978-3-906287-17-1


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